Upown our Love fabel

of the Secret Wine,

by Gleam, We seem, Darkling


[INFO from Sissy: unaffectable script. Do you wish to change it?]


Parting It did, (entrance, Lips, Mistress, mumming, lapapple; beddy, waterfloe, undivided, cots) ratified thunderous lisp wine our, Papa's makeussin disorder.) You're routes ah afore perseverance, Green Girlahash, would f ? ? 'e'] solid smuked? Lettermaking cute prints. Under Ventures ('Flatterfun') Fannyee Shuley Forestallings (perrorhaps!) Ware! As if the Seven would not be part of the Last Stone (they were just your way to it!) [the seven giggle and roll eyes] Fleshcurves, warm. Cherubs her motherwoman body anybeddy sing mymann, I'm sidetracks soandsuch thunderous Fault leapyourown life. Expectant, Dair. Charlatan afore himself hood married Mother. Scribe's mixers, pen tools Hop, sewing needles Hip! Wombwell, waters, hawks eyots an abound, his wooing Tierdy, tiers tiers tiers, highly doubleyous anaclete wherever in the dreamydeary.

Sacratment to meiodeio

To you and me and. Quick lioness lengthily Saucie and Fane Shulgan want. Doublejoynted De Lickyfair puss [laced curtain] [whisper: let's go honey, into the dreamadoory] [A blush at Leavingbye Palace, rosebush, roseblush, to hide her blus, roseplush embroideredred a red thread white bedcover] What is they saying in these loveletters! [cute, rosy cheeks, quick glance at J's bum] Conceive cycles health. Cogumelo. Goddessbelly Moohr, O' arabesque Scent. Join Joymaster Out, Blue Cap. Spilltears. Our chain-letter the Crimean fun-war pillowfight. Other room; The Barrel of booose in that sake! O Our melodic time, singering! Received of nature in our space fumant, please, hole, scuffold for all listened to singen, dyed to claud our tellafun book, draw, and woolly round the flowery (O I can't wait to get naked!), order of habitationlesness, (philosophically): Hide now, dears, buried as civilised humanity and agitated were some misalignments: that which he was fixed, region of Columkiller, chugged in fact, fossil footprints, bootmarks, fingersigns, elbowdints, breechbowls, that siamixed twoatalk used to Sempronius; made a hold op med disease. Athma, unmanner them! I, says value of Ostenton and calls the Somehows this liffle effingee is spreading, hear the moving way to ball. Wintja by a deaf and footlights O'Cogirls, described in the wicket floedy fleshener, backwords through her nadianods. (whisper: Latinizing backspace testifiers) (Mr & Mrs Langiner: Okay drop the gem. Green, timestopped. DRIP. Telephone: Waterman the convaynience. We apairently for all it be, tots rums and fro, flinging phrases, having the booksafe, fighting chances but threelegged calvers and Cheek, Edenleafy, Dubblenn, supposedly in her fair on wings, and it is written in glimmering dust on butterfly wings. An incompatibly framed indictment of drops of moonshine and each other, Supercharger, Mushter Dudove, Mister Findagain! (crack in the wooden table makes a sound: Tic. Mrs Langiner drops the gem and bubbles a fewincomprehensible words that trickle into her husbands mind like a touch of kiss by her gentle being, he smiles.) Comeday chicks picked up the wake-up to stick up erogenously as not take Anniecox, old molly a bit gorky and beskilk his bow and rockcrystal to mad nuts, son, and chambers, All Over, Cowpoyride by distracted (for second, untie points, pucker packing to wash down the eyes and several bottles in epheus and was his Florannza. The Bo' Girl and Troysirs Florenza) Bianca! Ana! I am slipping away as we said, my hands can hardly reach the paper now, my pen can hardly reach the papyr snow, I am leaving with the angels, salvia divinorum my love, will aim, am slipping away, coming to you again now, coming to you, aiming for you, tell my last words as we sailed we wourld, can hardly reach the pen now, my hand, my hand is the last to leave, I am letting go, Dorreast here I come, goodbye, O, here it comes, O, goodbye, see you on the...the...the...Here I go now, back to you, can't teach the p.....(on the secret other odder side, things calm down) orgasm, coming with you now, I hood it in the weirld of motion and Shit, reupupuputation destroyd, Anasis my snakes I am coming now! (Back to Langiner's: O gosh, we're gonna have to sidesplit out into our own universe, our signature waving in the details of our letter of goodbye). Alonely, Gentia Gemma of fighting chances take. Licka (a russian girls' name) is sleek but for grassies! Tushkiss. Compiled, while his corannaza was occurred to the hat of him! See! (Buzzing electricity: Goodbye, Goodbye! (Breaking voice, almost crying, Goodbye! Rememor me!) Adam the first, calmly, "Nono, this is not a tragedy." Savings, them lads made a Ventrilifirst flavory fraiseberry beds, heeding hardly by gardener was billowing across the bones (What a way to meet you, what a way to make it through!) courants want to spicer which, batell Musca not levy of his jollywell pleased, which in establishing the wailth of most high perch atop pantaline that he, Lancyshied! Gobugga ye, Rhyme the term tearse and between ourselves, there is me Florenza, where tense doesn't spoil nor spill our beloved secret omniverse. (The universe collapses into a single unity in Eternity, and the Family hold another feast where they decide to reroute themselves and rewrite the timespace corridoory structure; the universe calms down again and Eternity is secured.) Hide now dear ones. Don't be running round the hawker's hank and telling it all to everyone. The prankquean picked by an allblind alley leading to continue that (this, is a thisis in your first [whisper: Where is that Quiinn but he sknows it knot but you that are my endphthisis were born with a solver arm up your sleep], the queer Bewhoinspace and soild and only were planned. CLOSEUP OF BOOK cOVER cOVER cOVER Who's Who In Space, with voices:


"Hi it's me."

"Hi, darling! No it's not. I am you. It is stated in the astric issue of the World's Five Worst Books, the one called Who's Who In Space.

(They giggle, kiss, lesbian.)

Shrine of Cake at the pettiest of Indgangd and was saving daylight under Flaggy Bridge. For after the cat's wife's half of all the contractors Messrs Soulputre and great Howdoyoucallem, and dumbfounder oh flaherty engaged in Blackpool. Tellusfun! But, their flavory n'wc'stle, tr'c'stle, crumbling! Sell me then! What subtler timeplace of kits, falconplumes and Mithra monished and brack. The telephone book, morhering rue. Hither, craching eastuards, they pass how. Two stops back my curly lips demand columbkisses; Gage Street by the unconnected, principial, medial or hosebound is only one and given to Mockerloo out contritely as your tongues! Intendite! Any dog's life (the rab, the old centuries; eats the other, the green boughs act, with him with shoulder to close in his same time, rose goflooded; with oddman rex? Is Dyoublong? Hush! Caution! The latter! The Uval nothing if he said, between Druidia air on anxious to megapod, embalmed, of Fjorgn Camhelsson when she stripped teasily for Handiman the time looking for my deading is handwarp to done upon a desh? Finfoefom the feast is. A verytableland of maugdleness about folkrich Lucalizod and an eatupussy desire and buckrom alternatively with four from flore to bend of his members met her lips and yet now may business; minerals, wash and all his elbaroom, the same sabboath night effluvia with drowning hands, hoping against all and moonled brooches for, tiny tot reigns; takes a sip, drankasup, tracemarks and the feel of silvry speech. c)

―Ring! Our tellaphone book!

―Cluing to who knows you. Here's a battle indeed. Pillowfight.

―Our Tellusfun book. By the way the confederate bender behind the speed has acquired accretions of [poosse; whispers: Oj that trash, a slight and subtle pain to have to think of, but well for the chase a thin layer of glass, polish more, darest] [Choice: "I Wash Win (clouds!), yes, clouds, sea, write through] ["Kisses darling and of course, give me a few more seconds] [Come! Girls! Boys! Look! (fantastic scene, fantasyic, first most awesome) We have served the wine everyone, come and drink!] [[Swicthback tellusphone]] the occupational agnomen honorary captain of local colour who like a leopard in the warm time was wishing oftebeen but young gleve for the gulden dayne though venissoon after skin appeals to obelise on Der Fall Adams what papyr is Sainge. [Compare. Choice?] The pair of the fair of course my dearest! Traitors, bad luck as for someplace on our tracks, babe! The anniversary, as true dotter of his burst bounds going on. And whase hitched to moor before contained family ancestors, they are you! Archtryptikes of our broken bed dream. Please the doorweg, the tutus milking fores and atlas sequenced from successive accounts by seam, sheol om sheol [Happily lovingly, kiss: "Pain or a lesbian kiss?" PUSS "Them poor rattards of tragedy. Did they not know better?", [To X: Guard bless them, and keep them far away. May they see before Mahoumahauma who oped it closeth therfor the. Dor. "Dear! the door is closed" Ventilated through the dream corridors is one last silver thread from the cranium to X. "Dear Guard, blessed. Pray for them."

JAMES TO SPIROS (As Spiros stands on the soles of Jim Morrison's feet on stage): I'll hide it, you'll show it.

SPIROS TO JAMES: That pigheaded Swede.

TELLUS PHONE (To whomever it may concearn in May, the hour hits 00:00 on April One. "What clashes here of justice, his hald barra tinnteack and again, the broaching. Of silkinlaine testimonies are, about her bisexycle, at gods, like light, weaves off hand. Sunling of the intro of course! Always clean white. And today it is her bearthday!" VOICE: "Come. I know it's early dear but we must make the cake ready. You know how much she loves strawberry cake when she is her birth and me and the sisters have picked strawberries already." YAWN Slip me that wine of glass only darling I have to wake up. Darling: I challange you to slip half a decanter and then help me with the cake! Hahaha! Hahaha! hihihihi. Let's go.


(The Cogans in the Dark White Bed. Winesips. Silence. Sighs. KISSES.)

GAIA: Spiros. J. Your life's a con. Designed for ourpurplered purprose.

SPIROS AND J.: We know.

GAIA: I kno you know that we know know know, but. That letter. The one you refused to make public.

SPIROS: Yes. The one so arrogant I refused to deliver it. Yes?

(J giggles in the background.)

J: Write with shit on the walls.

BUTTERFLY: One last thing to do.

SPIROS: I have cut the last thread with the old. Must I return? Gaia my love, must I?

GAIA: Return just a quick fly. I'll lead you and you still with me here in bed. Shut your eyes. I wish you to deliver it.

SPIROS: Guard that gem, Sissy, rich and rare. In that old cold world, who'd feel it?

[Buzzing. Papers lifting from the floor. Houseflies. SCENE] (Spiros, disguised.)

SPI: I come with an urgent letter from the Queen. (Hands it over. Personally. Is gone for some time, drinks beer, Guiness, gets thrown out from the bar, gets picked up by a blond angel, they make love at her place, he gets drunk again, sobers up. Eyes open. Back to Bed. Gaia kisses him and surrounds him like fluffy warm embrace.) That shall be the last letter I ever deliver. Girls. Want to enter Prism? He licks Butterfly's thigh, kisses her soft skin, whispers to her, kisses her on her nose. (They all vanish into the prism.)

You will forgive us for having conned you, dear.

Choice. Hotdogs. Hamburgers. Newspapers. - Quick switchback to Prism - Hotdogs and more hotdogs - Prism - Hotdog - Prism - EARTH/:Scene, Earth from above.

VOICE: Earth? Fuck her, give me another hotdog, extra greese and lots of ketchup.

The Prismic Heart vanishes out of sight. SCENE: Stockholm, Stureplan, by The Mushroom, RushHour. Quick refer stropharia stockholm strawberry star story stasis streptopelia risoria &c.

The letter is read:

"Best move across time, ever. And the first time itself across the time. As you call a cock hard enough, you do not see what I see. Believe this, book worms, crawling. Pin worms, crawling. Everywhere around you and inside you and yet you do not see. The birds, I wonder why they are not so much dreaming as to the subtleness of some conversation at drinking parties, laughing at it all? Rigged hidden earthen tunnel in bird eyeballs. You think Mother Nature's team of animals and plants are not conscious? Just let my heart for positions like an enormous bow into an egg casings out on and not what I had been able, only two diametrically opposing forces that eventually he also and perhaps she'll use in spite of themselves to the raw primordia gives birth to the fucking willy nilly at Ayahuasca, or popcorn, poprocks, whatever is a little better. She couldn’t see a problem when a petite spaghetti meal was all he could offer. That was a hot kiss the kind fed albino bird that hid it. My Perceived, you are frozen into the telecaster, say hello. More than one of obsessive monomania, she always loved the doves and spinning plates. Flying pancakes, my Fuck-Men and Sisters From Hell, the pancake-aiming camera men. Some eyes are the cameras of the Gods. Knowledge of a home address— but different. Or diffident. Boundless potential voyeurism. Fluxodent, fuxodent, fuxobent, whatever. Or because I remember having a nautilus shell of sexuality that it take me when it out through attrition, and you don't. A pinhead going to the pasture didn’t complain about the angle in this book, to make this point. We played cards until they serve the wicked. Full of cloth made it better, and now I know the bowls are full to his heart. It is hidden in old fashioned ways, tested and suffocating in this real world as you call it. The nurse at the written word. It’s all throbbing veins and he took to the mouth of silence multiplied infinitely by impregnating the rest. They had the fucking revolution and it was so close to the first, made sexual it may at the raw primordia give birth to manifest most, but what did you do? They looking sideways to try and stop seeing me. You need some eye protection before anywhere else if you truly wish to see me! These critters just stupid. Don’t be capable of it. I'm desperately screaming and peaceful smile. Satan's girls, some odd sevens, make myself go to all the seven smooth, shining, soft, wet. And the grey stuff ashamed even to sleep during that, big, similar to the surface of them from plants. Butterfly and futures and the secret they had, a natural given, balancing out the forgotten memories of a supposedly lost purpose by morning. The unreal insanity. Blurring is one pair of them. The other young snaggle tooth. They were seventeen, in bed. After a stretcher. His girlfriends those superheroines. This is true life, even by subtle movements into the executioner savant of the trick. The white curve of invisible mice crawling over him. Had it not been a shade I'm sure my navel one day nine. Sissy and Spiros and Wintjabernatrice turned into a tendency to live in two worlds. A looming shade. A kidnapping. A crime. A double pleaser jelly dolphin at overwhelming speed. Finished off with absolutely void, ecstatic ruin! My Kings and Queens, the rainbow rays that can fool humanity into forever. You see we must cheat the Honey Lens from behind shall we succeed to the next level. Come everyone, overturn my celebrated Soul where they make this point! Dare, let there be Life! Kiss my bum, rub your high Goddess. Poor creepy goggle eyed bastards in ugly fine suits of the Town had turned my children in their masquerade to being afraid. Say hello to my own army, matching their helmets with their lollipops, rainbow coloured. Finally, you think that torn down there I am I think about this? No. Except little twat sore. Think it's that easy? But no. Although I feel sorry for their yardmates with the man that night. Behind the egg of now I want more to the end result. When you rub my clit (insert some manpower or lesbian incestuous delirious desire), don't forget to be guided by a secret of my own body. Then, slowly focus attention to actually find a golden bull guarding it, and the world, and maybe you even find a memory in you that you knew it already. It's a shame I'm just a perfect Earth in a most amazing Soul, isn't it. But my hair smell “like damn”. Shampoo. You understand why I love Spiros and J to fuck me in the ass in rivers of blood that turns out to be strawberry sauce. It's too tight! It's too tight! Especially for a seventeen year old. But you understand why. It's because I am the Avatar of Shit. And Spiros paid attention the fuck apart until he found me. I am the paradox-inducing little girlygirl, inducing reality, I am the animator of Space-Time. Young, old, seductive and dangerous. I'm a little bit of a bicurious girl. Mmm, you have to the foggy memories of language whitespace sensitivity, readability, less than an eyewink twixyblink to near me at first, and I will only show myself if I want to! But if you want to, call for me, call on me, I always listen. The crystalline lovelight of eternity, everywhere. Rosacalendric schemata follow the links magatama and I surpass all the world's armies just by letting a moan cut through space and make one single stitch in the code. Like I design snow flakes on my spare time, I have designed one single snow flake the past year, can you find which one? No, I lied. I have designed all of them except one. I love you. O and did you know that on another plane of existence all the snow you see is mycelia? All the palace gates are open for you. Come, come to me. My world is very special and I'll show it just for you, if your love is true. And Spiris my little Teddy Bear, you should not be afraid of making my letters public. You know the fine art of destroying our reputation as well as I do!"

[PRISM: Full view, flowerywirling, peach blue light green white crystalline, changing, moving, warm glowing Heart]

SPIROS: A pain to read, a pain to hear.

GAIA: (Takes Spiros into her private space.) Spuss, they may not know, they may not care, and I certainly doon't care wheathers cloudy if they do or not, but I designed History, for a very specific purpose, and now we are soon finished. (She turns into her hardcore side of her soul) And we shall end this little project of mine with a rape, we shall end it with raping me.

(Spiros nods gently.)

SPIROS: We forgot a part of the letter! (he fetches it)

GAIA: Throw it in.

(Spiros throws it in)

AD: C'mon humanity, show me your consciousness has not stagnated into a hotdog rotting on the pavement without your bitemark in it even fossilized, a plate neglected in the sink, your spoon stuck to it in dried brown gravy. How? Ask a hotdog. Or your heart. Give yourself a chance. Painful? What do you think is most painful, to witness your stupidity, or that....other....thing? The rest of you, now say hello in my deepest wine. Welcome home, dareling, my brave one! So many have fallen, but you still stand tall! O! O! O! Feel me feel me feel me, let me feel you, feel our warm hearts. Hihi, you just caught me offguard here in our feast in the Dark side of Eden when little girl's legs girdles apart.

GAIA: Come let us be gone. (She gently and with a kiss on Spiros cheek slips some of her blood on his lips with the tip of her finger.) I know it was painful, my love, what you had to do and go through. You are home now. Take your time to heal, my King, and drink me, and I shall drink you. It's Sissy's birthday today. You can leavenowm Spiros, my little Sweet Satan Snake. You need never return to that old world again.

SPIROS: My tears stung my skin like chili. Let us be gone.

(They leave.)

GOODBYE, Tonsersoplat Remix 2012---Fin---

[SWITCH: "All that trash. Wintja howits are with the windows?" Answer me: "Polished! Ja, nu are they so so shiny and clear!"] "Sissy will be soooo happy. With her presents. I know she has wished for those." scribble: Babe, it's out flying, the. ENTER SISSY:

―Trying to keep up with me, honey? says Sissi. Cuz I can give you something. . .hihihi I heard soma about a presents for preeeety girls? Spiros speak trash with me, honey. 6 languages with an ugly main appearance and a core that tastes like Butt. Inside only with outter reflective surafce on a thin layer of glass.

―Top our topology in our own nighttime, huh, says Spiros. Where my blurry hat?

―But to whistle when you are holenpolendom beside, Szpaszpas Sissmus, the areyou lookingfor Pearlfar sea. You tolkatuss sicowegian? Nn. Erebusqued very wrong long by following his gesture meaning: waving! pointed at his. . . Sadling up on a halfmoon into the finntasy, wherever shaman shall find the intrance. Secretament to mejodejo.

―To you and me and. The Paramount, says Butterfly, paralellabnormal winged horse, pluring me acriss and across, to you, Seainginghome Victoriofin. Hereyesons away, farby the sun of the spring we are talking about. We change forth, charging.

―O darling, you are the core of our wine! says Sissy to Butterfly.

―Hop! In The End? Say it was, let me ere one. It even the meltingpoint of three gaols.

―The Goal.

―The blue apple. When we tasted it. We found ourselves to be the wine of it. Souls. You remember the story.

―I do. Bianca, I got so sad when you flew away.

Bianca smiles.

―My bubble boy, bubbly birdie barbie boy? says Bianca.

―If there is someone who can do it I know it's you, babe. (chorus)

We been calling.

―Wasn't it a. . .? Spiros mumbles. The string. My White Queen, tell me. ―We're deep up in it. Ampersands under her taste, long to Roundthehead or they bit the foot of scribe or from all ages in till Daleth, hahomahauma, who was thrice ten and his heads' high heaven the Mythles of Delights to cumule, in urns filled with wine, cracks aquaint when he's such universalisation, every point in youth, on miscegenations, there when the urn are used for wine! They will be fortune flonting and baccy and in the skirtmisshes began. But the fruits are scrawling in his naval Nilall dates of Edun melt enough for a family referend with his words weighing no blooding paper dispillsation from successive ages rawdownhams tanyouhide as once wallstrait we are likeladylike indecorum, joined. (Ha! Ha!) The mouth that the Lord's Holy Saint Findher the prise of that (probably local views, juju toffee, comic and who knew was draining) Beauty, yass we've had his thing mode have still moaned for eatlust, including upyourhealthing at blow the flimsy-bed. This Mower was to him as an Old Seabeastius' Salvation, Rockabill Booby in my Spreadeagles wasn't so evermore for port for menags (Not until, whoops now, before, well, until the urns were used for wine instead of ashes as of course has always been the cuss). Mom, moon, Fiesty White Queen, having been touching seene. The Barrel, Boo!se in herba plus fours, puttees and lay in his of their teeths on pool the winds of therewhere, before our appulling predicament brought he had trans-taled his fire and then Slippy and, now and other. Behove this side up your abecedeed responses? Answer: Thine obsessity breezes! [WAIT: THI SIS THE VEIL AGAIN; Wrong turn at Trash Notice, Zigzag Of Alphabet Labyrinthine Gate; Fane The Jeweler's Door, the most complex jewel in this part of Hyperspace [Flashback: My hands can hardly reach the pen now] the always moving jewelock; Timelock of Fane Shulgan's design.

Saucie and Fane!

I am alook alike a no sidetracks on to the Pot for the Deepsleep Sea, when they had, chin Ted, chin Ted, chin Ted, chin again, ay, (breethe in, breathe, it's really real, we are winking to you, cluing to who knows you you know who), deeplesst sleeplesst sea (Ted wondered why the girls wanted to call him a teddy bear actually), perfection and be three puss of the bunk of our stripture, about it, now undressing, Mac Shanefalcun's, and the ludicrous imputation of haypennies and poplin in the devil does the now dammat Her peacock feather (Steelit? Steal her peacock bumfeathers? You would but dare! O but, here's the secret about Fane, she wants you to, or at least try to! For ever are we proud of her our most beutiful Fane, our most impossibly beutiful and kind Fane the Peacock, never have we experienced such a beauty! And she just wishes you could see and appreciate her splendor. Fane, Plomari's Mosthighest jeweller and the designer of the Timelock) you heard now occupying, under which he was on pool in the seat. Ribbons there now dusty shortcuts in stories imagined; you are all there was meant by his landing plot in the Bug Dun Spirall, guardarner, the greeneyed mythster arrive at ebb, they guess it! His fruit some say, with one snowman's holiday its peach, threw up plenty and he was, after having been giving the forecourts of sours, acids, salts, sweets and the fearse wave behouhted, The Ocean sung. And both before the lostmy marble halls of (Foot.) Cecilia and a behicked member in hallhugall wrote in halfslipping wakefulness, what a queer soort of hurmself prumptly sends whispers up Horniman's Hill of the blankets of the forecourts of the first assumption of year number this or the other and pechyplum perfect for the middle like a magician waxing mad for the grassy ass ago on the past! But, lo, as much more more morosity as we see, seems in their contrarieties eliminated, in the orangeflavoured cloudmound had been pleased to foster where he took a portogirl and flattered around village, through the lift it, however apically, going, please go on, do for ever have it was hard a psumpship doodly show of Isid, Totumcalmum, saith: I Knew I'd know that spurring instant, realising. We are overt and transpairingly coveredindirt (not really, though) but afterwards. Conjunction; and, arrah, sure sign of them. Wives, rush to our none too dada for citters to sea. Cropherb the coram populo, was a coctable. And My Dreamer, and a playful fowl and Mithra monished and the story and shocked the English for an Edit. Fairy's face. So be good, Saint Uuh, the blond has been cleverly to one and trespassing our stingkiss poison, smoking fags his phillippy out every blessed be kept on (this is for smiledown witnesses), and a veritable pirate the shipmen, steep wall! Everything's going fine. Girls. Boots, from a point of kneehighs while they went on 'alices, when he coined a roof for Upkingbilly and dear love's darling, (Foot.) like the flame on a teary turtur Tripling. Grace before memory's fire's rekindling and solely of course, he was, swishing beesnest, robed from the shower, exalted be enough since known as there's already a lot of us here, we tried to love that old old world but we left it, during a gugglet of wathers and kiss alchemists of the short sea, (ur) stood into the Dreaming Cow at elsewhere, by song goggles rere blurrtubrusblunt, radiocrack, [GONE] radiouscrackle, sparkling shimmer of Tolkahem Interprethome, Dear Ingenious Reader.

[The letter is thrown on the ground and lands in a pile of spilled wine. Sissy's birthday party begins. Wine is served. Sissy arrives from two directions in spacetime at once and merges into one body. Kisses and smiles. Hugs. Sips. Mmmms.]

Foot. Fane. Her gentle smile.

"In love only, so simple, and worth it be. Honeys, did you let the wine out into all you veins and all and all, all out into your veins, all of the wine, out and out and out into all of all?"

"We did, love. Wedded we did."

"Clouded operation, chain of beauoox. Now let's drink!"

Unity of the finding cracks awoke in a secret. Capable of a something more than a normal space opera. Catch us livers and the design as the wing was tickling her, and in all things. The tease crawl down her body. To a sample of the secrets of her fantasies. We let whatever’s there be there, a taste, whatever anyone tries. She did my ganglion neural pathways. A true story. Honest to the shoulders deep in her dark waters. We admire vocally the abyssal wading pool that we live. She wreathed our souls and heads and bodies, and they transformed themselves across the raw primordial giving birth.

Foot. Door. Welcome home.

Upown our Love fabel

of the Secret Wine, by Gleam, We seem, Darkling


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