SImplicity, COmplexity; Sissy Cogan





Stropharia cubensis


What follows below is a introduction to our Weave, The Plomari Code.

Part of the code/weave structure is elegantly “nested.” This means that the variables contain each other in various ways, and that the central code variables run through the system in many different ways, overlapping each other.


Why Spiros?

SPIder (as in “weaving,” “seamstress,” “to spin a web”; the mycelial network/web.)

PSIlocybin, PSychedelic.

(A = 1, Z = 26) S = 19, P = 16, I = 9 (969) (Devil's number 666)

6 letters in the name.

StROPharIa; you can form the name Spiros from letters in Stropharia.

SPIR; tRIPS (“trips” backwards: SPIRt)

Spirit, Spiral, Space, Spice, Spell, Spill, Spin.

Spores; spores are part of the reproductive system of the mushroom, sort of like seeds.

Spiros = PS: Sori (PS: sorry) (anagram)

“spiros” means basket in Greek. Nephthys, who is Isis and Osiris sister, wears a basket as headdress. Her headdress also looks strikingly like a mushroom. (Self-transforming jewelled basket balls?)

Spiros = Osiris.


Why Sissy?


Three S; S S S

Six Six Six

(A = 1, Z = 26) S = 19, S = 19, S = 19 (999)

Sex; Eros; Erotic. “sex” is the word for number 6 and for sex in Swedish, Spiros native tongue.

SynchronicitY, SingularitY

pSIlocYbin; the three letters in her name are embedded in the word psilocybin, S, I, Y.

pSYchedelIc; the three letters in her name are embedded in the word psychedelic, S, I, Y.

pSIlOCybin; Si Co.

Sissy is a pet-form of her name Cecilia.

Cecilia, Mycelia

Cecilia; Alice (in Wonderland) (Same letters in the names)

Cecilia; Se-seal-ia (seal; as in to affix a seal to, to mark with a stamp, to seal a letter, to keep secure and secret.)

Cecilia; Se-sea-lia. (Seamstress)

Mycelia; My Cecilia (Declaration of love)

Pronouncing psilocybin gives you “silocybin”

Symbiosis: SYmbioSIS: SYmbioSISSYmbioSISSYmbioSIS.

Synthesis: SYntheSIS: SYntheSISSYntheSISSYntheSIS. (A: the process of combining objects or ideas into a complex whole. B: The formation of a chemical compound through the combination of simpler compounds or elements.)

Stropharia cubensis, Sissy Cogan; Initials: S. C.

Sinew, traditionally used to make Dreamcatchers; Spiros frequently made his own Dreamcatchers in his youth. This also connects to web/spider-web, and of course to “dream” and the theme of sifting and filtering ones dreams, visions and reality to make the good come to happen while the bad does not happen.


“Sy” means “to sew” in Swedish; Seamstress.

Silicon, widely used in computers (microchips). Chemical symbol of silicon Si.

Silly, Sin, Silk, Signature, Simulacrum, Simultaneous.

Source Code (S. C.)


“sissy” as in “sister”; sister of Osiris.

Sissy = Isis.


Why Cogan?

Code. Cold. Connection. Consciousness. Compassion. Complex.

Cobweb. Compost. Compound. Coordinate. Continuum.

Connect. Compute. Combine. Cosmos. Core. Con.

Conundrum. Conjure. Conceal. Coax.

Cotton candy. Cock.

Any other words that begin with CO?

Confusing? Coincidence?

C12H16N2 = Chemical formulae of DMT begins

with C and ends with N like the name Cogan


FinneGAN, CoGAN = James Joyce's book Finnegans Wake.


All biological life on this planet needs carbon; that's why it is called “carbon-based lifeforms.”



Carbon has 6 electrons, 6 protons, 6 neutrons.

6 x 6 x 6 = 216

Carbon is also what Diamond is made of, a reference to our Hyperspace Diamond(Plomari,the Stone), the “hardest material” as in the hardest code and perfect lattice, “diamond heist” as in a extremely well planned and elaborate crime (The Crime), and more. Bernard is a Diamond Dove. Carbon is also graphite, which is what the lead in a pencil is made of, referring to the writing of the story and our love letter correspondence across the expanses of Plomari.




"I planned and planted it long

into the boundless ocean of us."


The experience of the mushroom is the experience of this feminine informational matrix that knits everything together."

Terence McKenna

"You can see the thumbprints of editors on your reality
if you are truly paying attention."

Terence McKenna

"Look how easily I seduced you into my eternal web,"

Sissy teased and smiled. "Here we are safe, my dear."


Sissy's signature in DNA

Below is a diagram of the main components of DNA, showing also one of Sissy's signatures in it.




S T R A W B E R R Y ?

Hi, Spiros here. We named our publishing house, website and project Strawberry as a declaration of love. One of my nick-names has been, for a long time, Straw Hat Boy, and I used to call Bonnie and the girls Strawberry Girl. So when deciding on what to call our project we chose Strawberry. But recently Sissy has been pointing out that there are other reasons. She began by bringing my attention to the following words: Story, Stropharia cubensis, Streptopelia risoria, Stockholm, Star, Stone/Philosopher's Stone, Stasis, Stoned.

All these words begin with ST, some even with STR just like Stropharia, and are central in our life. Let me speak of them in order:

Story: Obviously an important word in our life.

Stropharia cubensis: Right, that's the mushroom.

Streptopelia risoria: Bianca, the white dove I lived with for 15 years, The White Queen. The Latin name of her dove species, originating in North Africa, is Streptopelia risoria.

Stockholm: The city I was born in and that I live in presently.

Star: The name of our first mushroom-related company was The Star, a name sprung from what we called the “hyperspace-station” we used to visit when eating of the shroom, we called it The Star.

Stone/Philosopher's Stone: The creation of the Philosopher's Stone is one of if not the central goal of the alchemical quest.

Stasis: A state where biological functions are on temporary shut-down; temporary, meaning that biological function can be resumed again.

Stoned: Stoned? Who's stoned? I'm not stoned. Are you stoned? Who's stoned?

Stureplan: At one of the the centres of Stockholm City, at a place called Stureplan, there is a sort of statue that is called The Mushroom.

When I asked Sissy if there were any reasons for all this beginning specifically with S and T; she immediately and bluntly commented: Space/Time.

Less obvious connections are Strip and Sting. Part of our story and life and a central theme in The Mushroom Seamstress is The White Queen undressing by the river, partly connected to Isis undressing from her veil, and we have always also called this a strip tease. Her undressing by the river also brings Stream into this picture. As for the Sting; we have for many years said that Sissy laced her kiss with a poison the first time we kissed, and our first kiss was what erected the transformation; we always called that first kiss The Sting of the Queen. This laced kiss also makes the following anagram of psilocybin interesting: By Is Con Lip. Indeed, what a stunning little con by my Isis! You may recall:

“Spiros, you will forgive us for having conned you.”

Yes, we are a sharp-headed trio, me and the girls! As this anagram of Stropharia clearly displays:

A Sharp Trio

Also a less obvious connection is seamstress.

Sis and Butterfly bid me to mention also that there is something else that begins with str, namely one of their favourite toys: Strap-on. Girls, you still play with toys? Aren't you too old to be playing with toys?

Strange isn't it!





C O N N E C T I O N S & D E T A I L S



Chitin is a polymer that surrounds the hyphae of the mushroom. The hyphae are the single threads that make up the mycelial network. Fittingly enough, chitin is also a major part of what the exoskeletons of spiders are made of.

The word chitin begins with a C and ends with a N like Cogan and DMT's chemical formulae C12H16N2. Also poignant to note is that the structure of chitin was solved by Albert Hofmann, the discoverer of LSD. For our purposes, it also makes sense as Spiros mother's name is Christine. Chitin comes from the French word chitine; very similar to Christine in other words, just ad a R and a S. The word chitine is etymologically connected to words connecting to garment, shell, tunic, and also to linen, which for our purposes makes sense as The Seamstress is “undressing from her veil”; a veil can be spoken of as a kind of “garment or shell”. Linen may also refer to the mummy cloth, connecting this to The Unwrapping of the Mummy, the undressing of the veil. So, we see here with chitin many overlapping connections pointing to seamstress, weaving, undressing, spider, mushroom, mycelium.


We have already mentioned one of Sissy's signatures in DNA. We have also noted several ways in which our code is expressed in the way of occurring in connection to words beginning with C and ending with N like the name Cogan. Another instance of this is in the word codon. Codons are a specific sequence of three adjacent nucleotides on a strand of DNA or RNA that specifies the genetic code information for synthesizing a particular amino acid. So, codon, yet another Cogan signature in DNA. O and let us also note, codons act in sequences of three, just like the Cogan family of Spiros, Sissy and Butterfly.

Ribonucleic acid

RNA, which is part of DNA functioning, is short for Ribonucleic acid. Here we see Cecilia's signature once again in connection to DNA. If we look carefully at these two words, we see the following. What we do is we break apart the words, leaving left only part of the middle. What we find then is an anagram:

Ribonucleic acid

..........cleic aci

..........cleic aci = anagram of Cecilia C.

So here we have Cecilia C, obviously Cecilia Cogan. Yet another instance of her signature in connection to DNA. This might not look like much, or like the product of someone really trying to find this code and twisting the data to fit his wishes, but truly this is how The Seamstress works and this is how subtle her code can be. Notice also how all letters in this anagram are actually next to each other in a sequence. Funny also how the first part of the word actually spells “ribon” giving the whole word the looks of Cecilia C's ribbon/thread.

Cecila, hm...

Another detail subtle and also hinting at Sissy's elfish humour. Chemistry is after all central in all this, and chemistry is central in everything when it comes to shamanic plants and of course in our alchemy as a whole. Several years ago I even liked to call Sissy the God of chemistry as one of her nick names. Well, the word chemical happens to be an anagram of Cecila hm. Okay so there's an i missing in her name there, but hey don't think she gives herself away that easy! Indeed, hm, to me that anagram looks very suspicious. The word chemical is central in Alchemy, and in fact the word chemical derives from the word alchemy. Although the ultimate origin of the chem part of these words is under debate, one of the strong theories is that it comes from the Egyptian word for Egypt: khem, khame, or khmi.


Finnegans Wake

The name Cogan appears one single time in James Joyce's book Finnegans Wake. It appears a few sentences before “a pigheaded Swede." Check page 516-517 of FW.

Joyce's arts patron

I find it funny that the woman who became Joyce's patron, helping him financially and also when he was unable to find a publisher for Ulysses she made possible the first publication of the book. Well take a look at her last name: Harriet Shaw Weaver.


The word fabric, hinting as is does at weaving, cloth, veil, as well as fabrication and artifice, numerically contains both 216 and my year of birth, 1983, although in jumbled order but hey that's how our Beloved Seamstress does her magic so let us not be surprised there. Using the A = 1, Z = 26 method we see the following:


6 1 2 1 8 9 3

Although perhaps not a very shining detail it is still funny to note that Finnegans Wake was originally published by the publishing house Faber And Faber Limited, hinting us at both fabric and fabrication as well as fab alphanumerically cluing us to 6:12 as you see above. Of course the word fable (fairytale) is important here as well, indeed, what kind of a strange fairytale is this?! Also not spot-on but suggestive is the fact that the publication date of Faber And Faber's original edition of FW is the 4th of May (1939), that is 4 days after my biological birthday on April 30. A minor detail perhaps, but considering also that Ulysses is set on June 16, in other words the story happens on June 16, what is known as Bloomsday, well June 16 is 5 days before my spiritual birthday on June 21. So both of Joyce's major works fall in close connection (4 and 5 days) to both of my birthdays, my biological and my spiritual.

Signatures in Astrophysics, DNA, Celestial Objects &c

Astrophysics (Greek. Astro - meaning "star", and physis – meaning "nature") is the branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe, including the physical properties of celestial objects such as galaxies, stars and planets. Now let's take a look at this. The word astrophysics contains stroph as in Stropharia cubensis. Astrophysics is also an anagram of Sissy Co Trap H, the last H there is the only letter not fitting in our scheme there. We can also perfectly isolate Spiros S. C. from the word astrophysics.

For the word celestial, well it's not a perfect anagram but we can make her name Cecilia from the letters in the word, in fact, if we isolate all letters in celestial that make up the name Cecilia, we get st left over, in other words we get St. Cecilia, Saint Cecilia.

Other words or word-combinations of importance to our alchemy that contain all letters that make up Cecilia, although not forming a perfect anagram of the name, include electrical, particle, nuclear physics, molecular physics and chemical.

All letters in Cecilia Cogan are found in the word neurological, pertaining as it does to the brain as well as the mycelial network which resembles a neurological system, and having isolated all letters in her name from that word we are left with ur, pertaining as it does to earliest, original, for example used in words denoting the first primal stages of something, Ur-civilisation.

Another word connected to brain is cerebral cortex, which is that outermost layer of folded neuronal material, the outermost layer of the human brain. Interesting, being such an important word in connection to the brain, cerebral begins with Ce, and the second word cortex with Co; Cecilia Cogan. Also, the name occipital lobe contains all letters in Cecilia, and the occipital lobe feels to me especially relevant to the hallucinatory properties of the mushroom as it is the visual processing center of the brain. Of course, important to note is also that psilocybin is chemically a tryptamine just as serotonin is, serotonin being an important part of the functioning of the human brain.

The word hallucinogen, which is another word for saying “psychedelic drug” or “entheogenic drug”, in other words our mushroom is a hallucinogen, also contains all letters in Cecilia Cogan. Isolating all letters in her name from that word leaves us with nothing but a H and a U over. Hu? Who? Huh?

Another word-combination of interest to us where all letters in Cecilia Cogan are part is molecular genetics which is the field of genetics studying structure and function of genes at a molecular level. We have mentioned earlier other of Cecilia's signatures in connection to DNA.

The word organic is an anagram of I R Cogan. What that R and I has to do with it I am not sure but it is spectacular enough that Cogan can be formed from this word, short as the word is and about something so central to life on earth as it is. Cecilia herself of course wishes to point out I are Cogan.

Organic then brings us neatly to the word cell, central to organic life, cells being one of the basic building blocks of all biological life. Not only does cell begin with Ce, but the word cell comes from the Latin cellula which, to our shpongled minds, sounds very much of Cecilia. O and by the way, central also begins with Ce.

Furthermore, the word proteins, proteins also being central in connection to organic life, DNA and cells, contain all letters in Spiros.

If we take the plural form of DNA-helix, that is DNA-helices, we see it too contains all letters that make up Cecilia. Similarly if we take the word helical, which is used to to describe something of or shaped like a helix spiral, we see it too contains all letters in Cecilia, in fact solely those letters save the first H.

The word self-replication, important in connection to DNA, contains all letters that make up both Cecilia and Spiros; in fact the word is almost solely made of letters in the two names, only three other letters make up the word, F, T, N.

Another important word for our purposes is Claviceps, which contains all letters that make up Cecilia. Claviceps is the name of the genus of fungi also known as ergot or ergot fungi. Ergot fungi contains ergotamine which is a precursor for LSD, in other words you can make LSD from ergot fungi, which is exactly what Albert Hofmann did when he discovered LSD.

The term organic chemicals is an anagram of Mrs Cecilia Cogan H. What that H is doing there I still don't know, but we can now point out that it is often an H which appears as leftover.

Another word of interest that contains all letters in Cecilia is Chelicerata which is the name of the subphylum that spiders are part of in the family tree of biological life, as named in scientific classification. And the same goes for Columbidae, the name of the bird family, in scientific classification, that Bianca and her species Streptopelia risoria is part of. Our beloved Bernard, the Diamond Dove, the name of her species is Geopelia cuneata which (of course!) in fact contains all letters in Cecilia Cogan.

The word technological, also central and important to our alchemy, also contains all letters in Cecilia Cogan, and is in fact almost solely built by those letters save a T and a H.

The I Ching or "Yì Jīng", central in Terence's work with Timewave Zero, well “I Ching” may not say us much but there are other names for the I Ching; one of them is Book of Changes, which contains all letters in Cogan, and another is Classic of Changes (the literal meaning of "Yì Jīng") which contains all letters in Cecilia Cogan. See internet for more about Timewave Zero and the I Ching.

The word numerological also contains all letters in Cecilia Cogan. The word mathematical contains all in Cecilia.

Another important word for us is coagulation, which in alchemy refers to the final stage of the alchemical operation and transformation and the finishing of The Stone. The word coagulation contains all letters that make up Cogan, and in fact the word comes from the Latin word coagulationem which contains all letters in Cecilia Cogan. See the internet for more about coagulation in alchemy.


Mycelium (plural mycelia) consists of a mass of branching, thread-like hyphae. The mass of hyphae is sometimes called shiro, especially within the fairy ring fungi. Shiro sounds and looks very suggestive of Spiros.









The Philosopher's Stone, the creation of which is at the centre of the alchemical quest, has been on our menu for a decade. But it is only recently that I found out that from the letters in the three words Stropharia cubensis psilocybin, "Philosopher's Stone" can be made. The word Lapis, which is one of the words we use for the Stone, can also be made from those three words, as well as my very name; Spiros. In fact my name can be made two times over without using the same letters twice; Spiros Spiros! A perfect anagram of the three words Stropharia cubensis psilocybin is in fact:


Now that is fucking outrageous. It's almost as if Bianca is whispering:

"Spiros...Spiros...clue hint by Bianca!"

What really tipped my white furry hat off into the snow of astonishment was when I found the following anagram made from Stropharia cubensis:

Bianca + Spiros = True (Sh!)

First I isolated Bianca, then Spiros, then True, and the remaining “sh” flickered at me like a cute little “Shh! Be quiet about it!” This heart engraved in the bark of a tree satisfies me immensely, because I feel that although mathematics and code is important and a marvellous thing, the heart of reality and the centre of the cosmos is after all Love.

Both the names Bianca and Spiros are also found in the name Banisteriospis caapi, the Latin name of the jungle vine that often makes up part of the DMT-based brew Ayahuasca. Since I began my journey with Ayahuasca year 2010 I have felt that it is indeed a sister-psychedelic of the mushroom.

One of the things so amazing with all of this is that I haven't planned any of it. I’ve been shown these things by Sissy. For instance, you may recall that the number 216 is embedded in the very year of my birth, 1983 (1 x 9 x 8 x 3 = 216). My year of birth is hardly something I planned consciously. Or?

Of course, as I have said for many years, it's all in the code. And who is that strange Sissy Cogan, who even so blatantly places her signature in the very word psilocybin?

By Si. Co. in PL (anagram of psilocybin)

By Sissy Cogan in Plomari


stropha; Latin; "trick/artifice" (backspace testifiers)