Wedding Speech


Our Higherness

King Spiros Cogan of Plomari



You must marry your Soul

You must marry the All

This wedding is the way



Sixteen million tons of rain are falling
every second on the planet.
An ocean, perpetually falling,
and every drop is your body.

Every motion, every feather, every thought is your body.
Time is your body. The rock of the Earth and all its plants is your snake skin, the scales of your Dragon body.
And the infinite, curled inside like invisible rainbows
folded into light.
Every word of every tongue is love telling
a story to her own ears.
Every word of every tongue is love telling
a story to her own ears.
Let our lives be incense burning like a hymn
to the sacred body
of the universe.

My religion is rain. My religion is stone.
My religion is sex.
My religion reveals itself to me in sweaty epiphanies.

Every leaf, every river, every animal, your body.
Every creature trapped in the gears
of corporate nightmares.
Every species made extinct was once your body.

Ten million people are dreaming that they're flying.
Roses and cherry blooms are blossoming,
strawberries are ripening.
Stars exploding and being born.
God is having deja vu. I am one elaborate crush.
We cry petals as the void is singing, and the nectar of Love drips from our pussies and shoots from our mushroom cocks. Endlessly. Forever.

You are the dark that holds the stars
in intimate distance that spun the whirling,
whirling world into existence.

Let's meet at the confluence
where you flow into me
and one breath swirls between our lungs.

Marry me, marry yourself, marry the Earth and the All,

in the Chymical Wedding of

our Strawberry Queendom of Plomari.


As Sissy Cogan said about me: Spiros, your hair grew so long we had to weave it into the story. My golden hair grew long as I sat and pondered the Mystery of us, the mystery of the Cogan Family. I could not believe what was happening.

Mushroom King Spiros and little Queens Butterfly and Cecilia Cogan, there they sat by the table, high on mushrooms, drinking beer and wine. So many hearted words said about them, while others laugh at them. Imagine it yourself, when their dream first formed, their dream to establish a glorious Queendom of Light on the Earth and in Hyperspace.

Gods and Goddesses, welcome to the Wedding! Hi it's Spiros here. When I finally landed in Plomari, home at last, I landed in what I sometimes call my Cave. It's where I would live if I were to live forever, watching through the thousands of years as minerals drip from the ceiling forming spikes of rock. In my Cave I am the universe, there is no seperation, I am this universe. I am this Cave, I am Eternity.

I don't want to do anything except be here with you, my beloved wives and husbands. To love you, to be with you, and to be loved by you, it fulfills my Heart, fulfills my soul's purpose, and makes me the happiest little boy. I don't want anything else than to just be here with you in Plomari. In fact, being with you is like the only thing I love. I hate the human world, it's a complete waste of time. Culture itself is retarded, wherever you are born, it wants you to believe in things that have nothing to do with you. And none of us are under the obligation to be part of the human world, you can live your own Life just as you want to live it, you make the rules. Fuck everything. In fact you are not under the obligation of anything, to anyone. You are not even under the obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago. You can rise right at this moment and just walk into your enlightenment, you can claim your own godlyhood under the sun just like that, right now and forever on. And enlightenment is not a final state you arrive at and then everything like stops. You are enlightenment. Enlightenment is a living breathing buzzing reality. It's as I like to say a forever opening fountain of Love or flower of Love.

And really, just in the by, I won't apologize for evolving past people's comfort zone in my enlightenment.


He said:

Don't you feel lonely living in your own little world?

She whispered:

Don't you feel powerless living in other people's worlds?


Forget about what the world is doing and live in your own little world, is what I am saying.

Being with you in our Paradise is the only thing that makes sense to me. And now we are marrying. Although we are a Family of great power, we choose to live the life of sages. Of course we do enjoy our luxuries too, we are Kings and Queens after all and boy do we know about luxury! Our endless thirst for our Sex, and the kinky things we do in the Palace together, keeps us young and orgasmic, blissfull and sweaty, drinking of each other's life juices. We sip pink champagne a lot, some say a bit too often, and of course the treat of accessing the mushroom dimension is a luxury beyond all other luxuries. But we have grown simple over the years too. Simple pleasures, a calm moment by the Sea or a walk in the Palace courtyard, or relaxing in the sofa with our feet on the footstool by the open fire in the evening, with a cup of Punsch to sip, like drinking liquid gold in Heaven. I never get tired of being with you. I could do this forever. What more do I need than to be with us? Call me boring, I don't want to go bungyjumping, I don't want to jump out from a plane in a parachute, I prefer cuddling with you by the open fire, laughing at little things no one else laughs about, talking about things no one else talks about. I think I may have seen too much in Life, hahaha, I feel I have seen it all, both of darkness and light. I know what the human world has to offer, and nothing in it compares to just being with you, whatever it is we're doing at the moment.

Our psilocybin mushroom has arrived in the stream of Time. And we are the mushroom. We are the mushroom Family, The Royal Cogan Family. I have stopped worrying about people not understanding us. The people who can see our grace, they will eventually find out, our secrets and our world. Our mushroom shining, an eternal light in the world. People are beginning to remember. We, the mushroom royalty, will not hide, we will shine in our glory for all to see, but it will be up to people to be observant enough to see us. We are the invisible golden cord that connects us, the spiderweb Family that hoovers through space and time, spread out yet connected. And it will be up to people on their own to understand us enough to see they are one of us.

I searched everywhere in the human world for a hint of what I found in the psilocybin mushroom. Yet I found so little of it! I am under the impression that most people keep looking in the human world for answers, instead of daring to look solely with their own eyes, as a new fresh scrubbed babe on the block, to see life through their own eyes as if they were the first being ever born. That is how I look at Life and the universe, without any preconceptions come from my upbringing and the human world. And what I have found is that I am, and we are, the manifesting of eternal Love in its absolute most brilliant way. This is what we are.

We who are now marrying are Avatars. We are here to manifest the mosthighest reality.

And frankly I am tired of cutting our Family short to not shock other people. People who cannot handle us, it is our grace and beauty they cannot handle. And yet with us shining we are are only wishing to remind them of their own grace and beauty. So no more holding back.

The human world is not the same as your Life, is what I always shout about. As Nietzsche said, No artist tolerates reality. I certainly don't and I, instead of living in the human world, make my life into the sacred wedding of all and everything. Life is, if we have to say something about it, a living Mystery. Life is, if you ask me, and do please ask me in a high dose mushroom trip, Life is eternal resonating beauty. This is what we are, what everything is, it is eternal resonating beauty. It is a Miracle standing. It is eternal Love manifesting. Sounds poetic? I am not being poetic, this is what it is on its deepest level. This is the highest reality. And it's your choice to choose which reality you live in, I choose the highest royal reality of eternal Love, the reality I found via mushroom trips and Ayahuasca journeys. And then some people say well what about all the darkness in the world, all the wars and tragedy, that's not eternal beauty. Well those are events, and yes it's very tragic, but it does not take away the highest reality, it does not change what the highest reality of Love is for itself and for those who are one with it. Love is the ultimate reality. And we are Love manifesting. Some kind of indescribable expression of the purest divine Love has chosen to manifest as us these inseperably seperate forms in order to be together and explore, to enjoy each other. And if you don't experience your Life as such then you are just in a dull mindset. For once you open to this way of experiencing, Life becomes one huge adventure of Love, one huge miracle. The Life Force is pulsing the blood in your veins, waiting for you to wake up to the Miracle!

We are all unbearably rich. Ownership is a grand illusion. We are this universe, we are the Earth and the whole of existence, you own it all! We like to throw a joke in the Plomari Palace; Is Love rich? Let it sink in, that you own the entire universe. How could you possibly look at yourself as poor when you know this? This is one of the reasons we are a royal family, that we know we own it all, that we literally are this entire existence, this is why we call ourselves royal.

When we fell in love, and after many years living and exploring together, we came to a point where we truly wish to be with each other forever. Forever is a strange and funny thing, first of all. What is it? Poetically, our Love is forever, of course. And to be with each other here, every moment feels like forever. But, hahaha, will even humanity exist forever? Will even the universe be as it is now forever on? We have began to really enjoy every moment and every kiss together, thinking that even though our Love is eternal, we don't know what the future holds, so let's enjoy every moment now while we are alive and here. But Love wants to defy the rules of Time and Space. Our Souls and Hearts are eternal, even though our bodies may not be. So we just throw ourselves fully into this embrace now that we are here together, embracing Life and each other, ourselves and the whole of existence. It's like this is not about a Big Bang, it's about a Big Kiss (And by the way of course we must not forget it's not even sure if the Big Bang ever has happened, the universe might not have a beginning at all, but anyway). We are here in this magical moment, this magical kiss, this amazing meeting. A true homecoming to each other's arms. So let us live as if we will live forever, while in same time knowing Life could end any moment. There is a lot of Eros to our Love, ah. Living on the edge!

But really, I don't believe in death. It doesn't count. Fuck death. All I know is I love you and want to marry you and be with you forever.

We are marrying all of us. This wedding, our chymical wedding, is about marrying yourself. It is about marrying the universe.

Let me quote a few words of Sri Gawn Tu Fahr:

"Words such as size, distance, before, and after are meaningless to a love-filled heart. The mind attempts to attach some kind of “real” value to worldly things, which all pass away. A divine heart is eternal and free, a fountain of endless love, not bound by measurement of any kind. If you wish to experience this freedom and joy, simply go “out of your mind,” and dive into your liquid, golden heart."

Now all girls on the wedding, give us the special kiss. Take your two fingers, kiss them, and then place your two fingers on your pussy; it's called the Special Kiss. It makes King Spiros happy.

You see, my Love, the mission is so fucking complete, that you will never understand anything ever again. And in same time you will understand everything. And you will be free. Once and for all you will be totally free, without any boundery or limitation whatsoever. You are now free like a bird in Heaven. You are Grace. You are God and Goddess. You are the Divine itself. The divine is not something seperate from you. You are the divine. You are anything and everything you ever have dreamed of being, ever wanted to be.

I tried to make it work for a while, for me to live in the human world. But it's just not where my heart is. I am a God, I am a Goddess. When I was younger I used to have flashing visions of Gods and Goddesses living out their lives, like greek Gods, Attis and Cybele for instance, or the egyptian Isis and Osiris. But later on I found out these were visions of myself. I found out I am like them, I am a God. The visions became my reality, it all became real, I woke up.

And I am here now to remind you that you too are a God, a Goddess.

If I could tell you in perfect clarity so you would understand, what I have been through since birth in my adventure, it would raise your hair on end. And it would make you laugh too, laugh so hard you would lie on the floor and can't feel a bone in your body. And it would make your heart melt in Love. I have told you much, in my books and on, but I don't tell it all. But what I want, really, with my sharing of my Life, is for you to wake up to how amazing you are, how beautiful you are, that you truly are a living God. Life does not have to be mediocre. We are here in Eden, in Paradise, Life is the most awesome thing there is. Life is an absolute Miracle and you should feel that with every fiber of your being. It's time to loose yourself in absolute bliss and peace, loose yourself in the depths of Love. It's time to become the King and Queen, the God and Goddess you have always actually been.

The world can raise its walls, it can block me out, they can raise their swords, but I won't change my Plomarian tale around. Til the end of time I will hold on to Love. And I'll be waiting right here in Plomari for you to arrive.

You must shift fully into seeing yourself as the Creator sees you. Our Plomarian wedding is unity. It is the return Home. Do you remember when it didn't used to be so dark? When everything was possible. When you lived in the happy Summer Garden, like a child enlightened. When you were a God living in the Palace in the Garden of Eden. Return home to this. Melt, like sugar dissolving into milk, and be one with the whole of Existence. Set yourself free. Come home to the conclusion of your whole Life, and let it all begin. The thing is, The Great Goddess does not enter us from outside, she comes from deep within. It is time that you merge with her and become her.

You must marry your Soul. You must marry the All. This Wedding is the way.



As Shpongle sings in their song

When Shall I be Free?:


When shall I be free?

When I shall cease to be

No more I but We

In perfect harmony



Happy song:


Deep song:




"We are all Divine beings.

Why then do we not appear before each other

radiant in our illumination?"

~ Unknown



"Our Queendom of Plomari is secret beyond else, but we shine in the open for all who dig into it. It is our biggest secret, you who have eaten of our mushroom or drunk of our ayahuasca maybe understand why."

~ The Mushroom Seamstress