The Queendom of Plomari

"The sunrise is a peek under your skirt, my bad little girls. It is my wish that you feel that beautiful and magnificent, as beautiful as the sunrise, both physically and in all ways mental, spiritual, and in Soul. In Plomari everyone is King and Queen."

~ Spiros Cogan

Spiros, Cecilia and Butterfly grew up on Bahamas, in the Carribean west indies. Together they grew up on the paradise beaches. As teens they pretty mush didn't do anything else than have sex and sip Piña Colada, and were high all the time. When they were 12 years young, they founded a Queendom - The Strawberry Queendom of Plomari, and on April 1, in their teen years, they went public about it all.

When the weavers, Queens and Kings of the Plomari Queendom went public on April 1, 2005, the operation that The Cogan Family controlled was up in a order of size where words and ordinary measures help little. Precisely the lack of words, ones inabillity to show these things in words, is especially frustrating, and to this is also added that although The Cogan Family love to discuss themselves and every little detail of their private and public life, they do it in such a way that it takes a very acrobatic mind to be able to wrap your mind around this mysterious royal Family and their Queendom. Take for instance the inseperabillity between Isis and Sissy, and Spiros and Osiris. This no longer secret dimension to the Queendom has already established the presence of the Queendom everywhere where there is even a hint of Egyptian magic. Another example is that as the spiders the Family is, seeing the internet as a spiderweb, The Cogans were main players in the large-scale coordination, on multinational level, that lead to the blossoming of the smartphone revolution. The Queendom is like a nation, but one does not need to travel anywhere to be in the Queendom, it is everywhere at once and nowhere to be found; much like when one takes a psychedelic and comes to another place without physically moving. For the one with open eyes there is an apparent shine of a mysterious kind of splendor already at first sight and contact with The Cogan Family, and although one rather immediately understands the infinite depth of the Mystery of the Queendom, one also feels that every detail is really the heart of it. This gives an exhilarating thrill that brings one to both tears and uncontrollable laughter, the thrill of having gone through the rabbit hole, like Alice, to another world. There comes a moment where one finds oneself surrounded, almost embedded, in this vast Empire,

The Strawberry Queendom of Plomari.

The Queendom of Plomari is absolutely everywhere, and the lines that form its connective web are invisible geometries and a hyperconnective event with no beginning, no middle, and no end. As The Cogan Family makes clear, The Queendom of Plomari exists outside of and within time in Eternity, the inhabitants of the Queendom hovering through space and time. As Queen Sissy Cogan says: Can you spot if I plan things?

The initial inability to decide if all this is real and non-fictional, or if it is absolute fiction, adds to this thrill. It flickers between real and way too fantastic to be real at all, as if dream and reality truly are mixing and merged. It is a Mystery, it is the Mystery of Plomari.

For instance, it is indisputable that the word Miracles is a perfect anagram of Mrs Alice, and that the letters in the name Alice are the same letters as in the name Cecilia. Why is this important? Anyone deeply familiar with the Queendom is not asking that question right now, but laughing hysterically at yet another webbed detail. It is also indisputable that the word psilocybin is a perfect anagram of By Si. Co. in PL, that is By Sissy Cogan in Plomari. Indeed, we all know The Seamstress by now. Once deep into the connective web of the Queendom, one hits a point and sees what The Seamstress sees, and indeed, it is a miracle. It defies logic, much of it is, to the intelligent person, not only improbable, but impossible. And it is in knowing this, in knowing that this is absolutely too much to be possible, that the Kings and Queens who founded the Queendom of Plomari have their faith and conviction that this is the works of some higher grand plan and higher intelligence, as if God has put her thumbprint on the Queendom. And to not rail out and become some kind of religious subgroup, Sissy Cogan, Spiros and Butterfly giggle and laugh and take it all with a hunch of salt, take all this in a very relaxed way, commenting naturally that “God has a sense of humor.”


Establishing a Queendom

One might wonder, what would make a young boy and his spiritual sisters set out to establish a new Queendom on the Earth? Who would come up with such an idea in this age of ours? And not only come up with the idea, but actually set about and do it, working every breath of Life to succeed. What kind of conviction impels a person to such an action? It sounds like a task almost too big to succeed with in one, even several, life times.

But it is not really different than what compelled Steve Jobs to create Apple, or George Lucas to create Star Wars. Or, for that matter, what gave birth to Hinduism, Alchemy, Christianity and other spiritual and religeous faiths. As Spiros is famous for saying:

“I advocate delusions of grandeur at times.”

Indeed this is the characteristic of big Dreamers.

But some dreamers take it from being a dream, to creating it as a living reality. This is what The Cogan Family has done. From being an idea and a feeling, and a Queendom kept hidden within the Family, the Queendom of Plomari has expanded and become a reality outside the Family to countless people all across the Earth. The Cogans have said that the Queendom came in its fullness to them, and was a reality for them long before they went public in 2005. The difference now is that more and more people are joining in on the fun, the Queendom is expanding.

And what does it really take, and how does one establish a Queendom at all? Firstly the Queendom needs something that binds it together, something that holds it together. What this is in Plomari has been made all too clear at any first digging into the Queendom.

And quickly ahead, one comes to the rather strange meeting, that Queen Cecilia Cogan, Queen Butterfly and Kink Spiros are the psilocybin mushroom itself in high person manifesting in their absolute most brilliant way, including manifesting as human beings.


"Have you ever heard of a King or Queen hu asked for anyone's permission to establish their Queendom? No, of course not. And we are here now, and we will shine forever.
We are The Queendom of Plomari."

~ Butterfly


"Dress me up in fucking stitsy, babe, these Cogan Gods and Goddesses are not joking. They have established a fucking Queendom."

~ Anonymous


"Okay buy a new toothbrush, a dishbrush, a bottle of pink champagne, toilet paper, carrots, olive oil, and establish a Queendom."

~ The Cogan Family's to-do-list


"What was the first thing that happened after we had established the Queendom of Plomari? Well the first thing is we celebrated for 24 years straight. In the midst of the celebration we were of course attacked, you know always a Queendom has to be attacked at some point. But don't worry we scared them off just by showing ourselves, they will never return, don't worry."

~ Our Most-Highest Queens Cecilia Cogan, Spiros and Butterfly