And so I just stared. That is all, Mankind. The End, and the beginning of Plomari. The end of the tour of this rainbow is Plomari Paradise. We can begin serving the Plomarian treat, dears. The Earth story made less and less sense so without a Goodbye your story ends and the Plomarian story begins! O how foolish you are, Humanity, yes well now we stand here the whole dribbling Royal Cogan Family, and O how beautiful it is the way we have taken over the entire Earth! Sorry da, maybe I was sitting there naked tripping balls on magic mushrooms, and saw a Queendom of Light is needed on Earth! Yeah you dare eat mushrooms in ketchup but don't dare eat them in sacred space with me. Watch sports, eat hamburgers and die a little more in your wars, Humanity! Out of my life, you fools! Fuck, honestly try the magic mushroom then! And let me say, you destroyed everything that was beautiful in my life, Humanity. Fools on the Earth, I just want now forget everything and move on... If the Earth is angry, is that what you are asking me? How can you ask such a thing!? And Cogans, O how brave you are my Lightrays!

O, Humanity, is my Queendom of Plomari too dimensional for you? There's been a pattern of insubordinate behavior recently. It's time to face me, The Mushroom Seamstress, the Mosthighest Queen and King of Plomari.

We're done, dears. It's so funny watching Humanity struggle in my spiderweb to get away. Don't struggle like that or I will only enjoy eating you even more! Look how easily I seduced you all into my eternal web! And people looking sideways to try and stop seeing me, hahaha! You need some eye-protection before anywhere else if you truly wish to meet me! I am the paradox-inducing little girlygirl, inducing reality, I am the animator of Space-Time. Young, old, seductive, and dangerous. I'm a little bit of a bicurious girl. O, what a beautiful bed time story this will be as I now feast on my meal, Humanity! Don't you know, humans... Truth is much more terrible than Fiction... Now, how about a glass of Cognac to calm your nerves as I begin to undress from my veil? Yes, I named it Cognac when I signed my Universe, flip the letters and you get C. Cogan, as in my name dear, your Queen Cecilia Cogan of Plomari... O dear don't you know I surpass all the world's armies just by letting a moan cut through space and time and make one single stitch in the code...

Everyone who has not yet joined us in Plomari: Welcome home to Plomari, the world's greatest psychedelic superstate, and our spiderweb internet portal ArtSetFree.com. The Queendom of Plomari is a magical world parallel, a Hive Mind, so leave your daily hell behind and wake up with us in Plomari Paradise! Team Plomari is not about one person or two, we're a whole team acting as One.
Here in Plomari we all blossom as Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens, spiriual giants, into whatever we want, both together and on our own. Together we are the Royal Cogan Family of Plomari.

Trouble loading the website because it's so big? Reload in a new window a few times, that should work. Website updated all the time when we are not sleeping or fucking, so reload often. 


PS to the Family from King Spiros: I want to explain one reason I was so crazy the past years. It's that two of my wives, two of the Queens of Plomari, died in illnesses (as you know I am married to seventeen women and men), and it shook me into a state of shock and depression. It's first now, years later, that I have began to accept their untimely deaths and feel healed the best I can. I am beginning to see a Light even if life means living without them, although it's difficult. So, now you know what happened... And by the way no that is wrong to say that I have accepted their deaths, I will never accept their deaths, actually, I guess I will just somehow learn to live life without them, which is horrible but I have to. By the way fuck death I think we should scientifically stop aging and live forever. I haven't told you because it's a sensitive issue but I am a great fan of the idea of longevity and to stop or at least slow down the aging process so we can live longer, ala Aubrey de Grey and Ray Kurzweil and shit. You should check it out on the web if you don't know about this stuff.


Börja när, begin when, Humanity to understand that Plomari has already taken over the world, you need to more than catch up to what my Love Dart has created, my love is on fire so don't play with me. And if that's what you have done, Mankind, what they say you've done, then my Queendom of Plomari is exactly what I deliver. You're going to get what you deserve, Humanity! So no more next time, remember that we are the Silsila of Queen Cecilia Cogan, the unbroken chain of Plomarian masters. Don't ever play games with us, for Plomari always wins, remember that when you enjoy your wine on the Royal Wedding. Så nog med våran varning, enough with our warning, now behold in awe the rise of the Royal Cogan Family of Plomari. Think we're tough and hardcore O yes we are but you did bump into love in a paradise did you not. We shot our Love Dart on your, you weirdos, don't you get it? Welcome home, and welcome to The Chymical Wedding of the Royal Cogan family! But beware, the deeper into Plomari you go, the bigger it gets... First say Hi to King Spiros, the magic psilocybin mushroom Himself in High person, the Mosthighest King of Plomari. Deep bows. And the governments and stuff, all we ever hear from you is blah blah blah, and you can't take that Plomari has taken over the world, you can't take that someone like us can come and get all of humanity on our side! So save face, Governments of Earth, and get outa town, cuz The Royal Cogan Family of Plomari rules the world from here on. Governments of Earth: I'm gonna brush you off my shoulder, gonna let you kiss my ass. So all my Butterflies of Plomari, as we are dancing nude in the Plomari Palace, let's put our laser guns up and shoot to kill!

~ The Royal Cogan Family of Plomari