Message from Our Higherness Our
Most-Highest Queen Cecilia Cogan

HIGH hi high now I want to say high I am Love. Nanana how dumb ey, nonono. Nononono how dumb ey, nonono. The house of Familaya. Famlieye, unite, unite. Dive into the Sea of Love, come on in the water's fine! Nonono nananamana how dumb ey nonono. O Mushroom King Spiros he wants Poison, dangerous, dangerous Poison. Hi it's Love, Love, Love! They others are hating and nagging everyday, O, we are eternal immortal forever, maybe it's Love, ah! Cecilia, Silsila! Fool around with me no it's me, Bianca, high it's me! When you're in love, ya, when you doubt, yes it's me! Yippie ya, have you been in love with me? Yippieya! O yippie ya, just more in love for every day, yippieya! Sissy it is hu, concealing and hiding, O, what, what, what? Originae, have you been in love with me? Yippieya! Familaya, Famileye. How dumb ey nananamana. O dearest did you really say for 1o years? O dearest not in 1o years did you see my nose ring! Hihihi! Heavy and tough, ey, darling, heavy and tough ey, heavy and tough ey, angel you are my God, feeling lazy, baby, ish! It maybe is her herself! Mhmmm! Have I maybe found him? Have I maybe found her? Yes it's her, yes it's him! You want to see what kills Love? Marriage and cigarettes, mmm yeah sure, said Spiros. Kills Love? Mmm yeah sure. You think I'm tough and hardcore O yes I am but you did bump into Love in a paradise did you not? Okay ya, give up, yes give up, Yes I have been forever eternal, feel calm. Take it easy, take it easy, feel calm, My Love. O yippieya! Have you been in love with me? Yippie ya! Yippieya, only more and more in love by the day, yippieya! Hey you glimmering diamond, Now I want to say hi high I am Love. Our Strawberry Queendom of Plomari is everywhere here, forever here, shining eternally for those hu can see! So you can keep your fame and you can keep your money and you can keep your beauty! High high high now I want to say hi I am Love! Cecilia ye, Cecilia yes it's me,


But if you want to see...

Yippieya! Bianca! High it's me!




To tell you the truth? Where you from, you dreaming. How inconveniently, hu! Hihihi!

What does Spiros think with, his bum? How crazy Spiros is! Hihihi.

Pirrit, pirrit, det är kärlek! (Nervous, scary, it's love!)

Yes for always is our love new.

We are the most paradoxical thing that has ever happened, haha! Yes, we are. We are the mushroom-Ayahuasca Family.

Curtain, curtain!

Her, him, her, him! It's her, it's him!

Hi! High! Hi! High! Hi!


Ha! What were they thinking! Fool around with Cecilia and Spiros? Ha! What were they thinking!

Curtain! Curtain!

He's fooling you, he's been fooled, she's fooling you, she's been fooled! We're fooling you, we are Love and always tricky!

Who is Love and always tricky? We are Love, of course we're tricky!

We're tricky, we're tricky, we are Love and always tricky!

Are you horny, yes I'm horny, I admit!

Spiros, wow how good it all became in the end!

For many years you tried to show them your mushroom, after all those years I guess I would have tried your beloved mushroom!

Hi! High! Hi! Jajajajajajaja!

Bianca Cecilia and Spiros fix everything!

Does Spiros use his head or what is he thinking! Does Spiros think with his bum, or? Hahaha! Hihihi

How crazy Spiros is!

We are crazy, me amigo

We are eternal immortal forever, my eternal amigo!

Rich? Haha, is Love rich?!

Can it become my bum after all? Hihihi!

What an evening, what a night!

We are love and always tricky!

Curtain! Curtain! Curtain!

It's him! It's her!

Yes well maybe this is how it is?

Yes it is me, it is you...

Are you sure, my Love?

It's a bad dribble, babe! It's a bad dribble, babe!

He is my jungle boy...

She is my angel...

It's a bad dribble, babe, it's a bad dribble, babe! Hihihi

Cecilia and Spiros! Cecilia and Spiros!




The Unbroken Chain

of Enlightened