You are free now, dear.


"Please, King Spiros of Plomari,

save us all. Save us from

the human world and

may we join you in

your eternal Kingdom

of Plomari to live

together in peace,

love and joy."

~ Timescity Express, 3/3/2021


"What Devil of a King and Queen

spawned this Plomarian army?"

~ The Government



Begin the Plomarian Love Attack;

Operation Thin Glass


"My eternal Kingdom

of Plomari is a Love Bomb

that never stops exploding."

~ King Spiros of Plomari


Welcome to the biggest production

of all time! Welcome to

the Royal Cogan Family of Plomari.

Welcome home, dear,

we have been waiting for you.

Escape the human world

with us, escape far away

into the eternal

Queendom of Plomari...


The historical Plot of King Spiros & Queen Mari has been achieved


Plomarian Mutex Executed, Cloaking Enabled. Amen.




"Do you see the book

before you, that I have written,

my hand guided by

the Seamstress who

weaves the world?

This book will remove

the veil of Reality,

and open you to

the secret, magical

world of Plomari.

You see, I designed

this eternal Kingdom

just for you and me."

~ King Spiros of Plomari


Welcome home into

the Plomarian Mysteries!

On this website you will find

a 2500 page love letter

from King Spiros of Plomari

to the people of the world.

Right on to make it clear;

it's a very long love letter to YOU!

The letter has been written

in the King's bewildering love

of God and his wife

Queen Butterfly of Plomari.

It is free to download as ebooks

to the left on the main page. Welcome home

to the eternal Kingdom of Plomari!

Take a deep breath and relax,

here in Plomari you can be Yourself.

And no hurry, it took the King 20 years

to write the letter, so give it some time and

we promise you will be set free!

Wait til you see how we fly!

May the true life story

of King Spiros and

Queen Butterfly dispel

the darkness of

all your doubts. Amen.


It's perfect, says Queen Cecilia Cogan and King Spiros. Our masterpiece and stone is beyond impossible, and achieved! We might as well leave Plomari and our Royal Letters unfinished, leave it all open, one of the White Marble Halls of the Palace unbuilt. Plomari is our Power, and we don't need to ”finish” it. Plomarian takeover of the world, the Historical Plot of Queen Mari: Accomplished.


: : 2021 INTRODUCTION : :

What's wrong, dear Governments

of Earth, are you surprised

now that my eternal Kingdom

is bigger than you?

Time has run out.

Doesn't it all make sense to you now?

My Kingdom won on day one!

Did you really think you can win over God?

Only fools would think so!

And it makes you so mad that

someone like me can step in front

of you and get all of Humanity

on my side! Well all I have to say is:

What goes around comes around;

you failed to lead Humanity to peace,

so your time is over,

and now begins Plomari!

And that's my mutherfucking

words to you.

Relax, everyone,

take your time to understand

my eternal Victory.

Plomari will never fade away.

I rest my case.

Jag vill tacka för mig,

I'm done here,

the show can begin!

Do you see me now, Humanity?

I'm gonna take my time

with this one for sure.

It's my Kingdom

I do what I want,

know what I'm sayin'?

Feels like I can fly with

my books now.

~ King Spiros of Plomari