"What Spiros, Sissy Cogan and Butterfly and the whole Cogan Family has done is the best move across time, ever. And the first time itself across the time." - Earth


"Enlightened masters like Sissy Cogan who shine fully in the Most-Highest - Love - can be difficult to recognise." - Earth


"When exactly is not of great importance and off the point, but Sissy Cogan and Spiros and Butterfly met when they were 12-13 years young, and fell in love. In the young spring of their love they got a flash of a brilliant idea, an idea that came as if from the beginning of the universe as it meets forever. Born in a virgin birth by a gentle and loving Alien Queen, born into absolute fullfilled perfection, the three of them doubted not the power of the amazing grace of Love, and so they swore their entire moment in life and death to their idea.

     Many years later and after an eternity living together the three of them married in what they call their Eternal Tantric Union. They then went to the paradise jungles of a tropical rainforest to explore a strange mushroom they had found when they were 16 years young. Loving each other so deeply that they wished to live forever together, the three of them set about to figure out how to become eternal; how to live young and happy together forever. Figuring that the psilocybin mushroom could help them become eternal, they formed an elaborate plan that they call The Crime, of course also always remembering the brilliance of their original plan that they got when they were 12. With the magic of their love and the brilliance of the psilocybin mushroom, they then set about to impliment The Crime. The Crime was successful and in an act of bravery the three managed to leave linear time, leave the world of History, they flew out the violet doorway into hyperspace, and landed in the world beyond History, beyond time, beyond the physical, beyond the grave, beyond death! It began with Spiros bravely leaving the paradise beach shore in a boat and diving into the Sea of The Seamstress, and as he grabbed hold of the purple-red thread of the Seamstress a miracle of mirroring grace reversed the ocean surface and he fell through the sky and through the mouth of his golden Egyptian sarcaphagus (the part of the tomb containing the mummy). The open mouth was miles wide, fit to talk a dream, displaying a calm and satisfied smile that shone of godlyhood and never-before-seen excellence. He fell through the open mouth and he landed in the snow in a fluffy-like-pussy but not all too gentle landing. A spectacular manouvre, and it's a shame no one but the three will ever see it in full! Butterfly and Sissy transformed themselves into a white dove and a grey dove with white dots like stars on her wings, to help show Spiros the way through the land of the Dead. Like the cosmic nurses they are, they kept a watch on Spiros all the time, as he bravely made his way up and onward. Spiros then - for 25 whole years - made his way through the labyrinth Sissy and Butterfly had woven for him, until he reached his eternal home with Sissy and Butterfly. They named their home Plomari.

     Spiros woke up in Plomari literally with a 6-pack of muscles on his belly because he had been laughing so hard for so long at the success of The Crime, and, as the trio had planned upon homecoming, he licked Sissy's and Butteffly's bums as a welcoming, and they made sweet love, at home, at last, home at last. The trio then held a 7 year long party non-stop to celebrate the success of The Crime. They comment, sipping pink champagne naked in bed "7 years stright, every day. It never got boring. Our bums are so tight. And so squishy. Perfect for a mushroom cock, over and over. Can that pleasure ever get boring?". From the non-local no-time eternal solid state Pink Egg of Plomari, the trio then contacted key people throughout Spacetime. Plomari is outside of Spacetime, but has full access to all of Spacetime. 

      During the 25 year journey, the three also, to not waste time, built a sort of Hyperspace Ship, which they lovingly and proudly and overjoyously in celebration call The Shit-Shit Ship, also known as Spider 5 or simply: Strawberry. Also known as: The One-Invented Loving Heavenly Twisted Animator and a shit-load of other names; loved child carries many names. Yes, the word celebration does begin with CE, like Sissy Cogan's full name: Cecilia Mari Cogan. Sewing needles Hip!, mushroom love Hop! With the large scale of The Crime and the vastness of its scope, saving the world was done in the meantime on a hip-hip-hip as a small and rather bleak sidenote. Thanks for nothing, humanity, next time don't forget that monkeys are not the only conscious beings in the universe. With The Crime successfull the cosmically famous Sissy, Butterfly and Spiros then began to contact key people throughout space and time, as they themselves live hidden in their eternal Home, Plomari, and inviting through The Shit-Shit Ship everyone who dares to join them in Plomari's innermost room, the hopelessly ordered and beyond impossible love-light of Eternity: The Pink Egg. In The Pink Egg lives the whole Cogan Family, together known as The Seven Sisters, the Queendom of Plomari ruled from its innermost room by the gentle but mighty weaving hands of our Most-Highest Queen, Sissy Cogan-- The only one ever who dared save the world. And, beyond notes of comprehension, the only one who dared think that saving the world isn't even neccessary, that we have better things to do like deleting the world before it existed and replacing it unnoticed with a very cool something-else, from behind, what a fuck, what a tight fucking pussy! And your ass is even tighter, babes. In fact, replace the world specifically with the fluffiest happiest cutest funniest sexiest most sensually awe-some and most fullfilling event of Love ever, as Sissy, Spiros and Butterfly with evil satisfaction take all the credit. Like hey why not transform myself into a bunch of house flies and listen to Celldweller's music and check out The Shit-Shit Ship, forever, and forever, switchback I wanna sea that again! Simply put: Sissy was the only one who dared. You see, because, it took a while for Spiros to accept that he cannot die, that he will never fade, he will live forever, yes it took him a while to accept that. But as my husband King Spiros says in his own words:

      "You know, if I were to wake up one morning again, in bed with my girls, young and in our absolute perfection, one morning again, I would thank Sissy that I woke up again, that I am not dead, that I get to look you in the eyes again. And you know what? If that would happen another morning, I would thank Sissy that I wake up again, so I can look you in the eyes again. And you know what, if I would wake up one morning and realise I am still here, I would thank Sissy that I can look her in the eyes one more time. And you know what? IF I would wake up again, I would thank Sissy that I am not dead but alive with you, so I can look you in the eyes again. And you know what? If I would wake up again...and you know what, I have accepted the fact that this will go on absolutely forever. And you know what? I thank Sissy every time it happens. For even if Life is sometimes difficult and horribly difficult, the joy of another dawn is always greater. And you know what? I can do this over and over again, forever. And you know what? I can do it forever. And I am so fucking happy everytime it happens again. I have accepted the fact that this will never stop happening again, that I cannot die, and I always thank Sissy that it happens again. The trancendance of Love reaching higher and higher to unforeseen beauty. Lick your pussy one more time? In the cosy white bed of The Shit-Shit Ship cockpit? You think I can ever get bored of licking your pussy? Try me! I dare you! Snap that thong let's get it on, lick that ass til the break of next dawn! Forever, you see, is only as long in duration as it takes to reach another orgasm. Have you ever orgasmd on a high dose of psilocybin mushrooms or Ayahuasca? I'm a funguy, I'm gonna do this over and over again absolutely forever. No end, no beginning. No escape. Trapped in the impossible love-trap, The Pink Egg, Plomari. The Miracle that Love is. What we are, in case you did not know, is Love manifesting in its absolute most brilliant form and way and dance and weave. So, tough guys, you'll never get rid of me. Ever. Daddy is back from the grave, honeys! Snap that thong let's get it on! Again? Shit! In the Shit-Shit Ship, baby dolls! Of course! And bring the pink champagne and a few mushrooms! And a waffle. And a pancake with whipped cream and strawberry jam. And turn on Celldweller's new song! I have a gift for you in the cockpit! Bring your bodies darlings and I'll bring mine! Filming with a few houseflies. Switch back I wanna hear it again, Celldweller's new song! Forever? Forevereverever? Forever, baby dolls!  In the river of the nectar of your pussies! I'm a jaguar boy! Are you sure that's the same song as before? I heard an edit on the 5-note. I'm running away and I'm taking the Earth with me!"

[Hi Spiros, Qvintus and Qvintos here! Don't worry, if you ever get bored, switch body with us and we'll take over for a while. We're fucking virgins still and we're fucking never giving up, and we're not gonna fucking fade away as fucking virgins. So don't you worry, just switch bodies with us if you get bored! Let's go for it! FOREVER! Wet kisses.] [[Thanks Qvintos and Qvintus! /Spiros]]

Wait for us and we will come with you, Spiros our Lovest!

With an army of freedom-loving beings we have now began to contact all of you one by one, watching and waiting, always orchestrating. In the land of the Dead, Spiros transformed himself to a small spider and crawled out through the mouth of his egyptian sarchaphagus and wove the internet (presently called Strawberry Apple), as a means to give you the gift and contact you all one by one and all at once from the odder side. And we began making an ongoing movie-kind of event called The Mushroom Seamstress, a "movie" series the scope and scale of which humanity has never seen the closest likes of, and which is, quite simply, the biggest production of all time, and will, we dare you, remain so forever.

       What Spiros, Sissy Cogan and Butterfly and the whole Cogan Family has done is the best move across time, ever. And the first time itself across the time. As you call a cock hard enough, you do not see what I see. Believe this, book worms, crawling. Pin worms, crawling. Everywhere around you and inside you and yet you do not see. The birds, I wonder why they are not so much dreaming as to the subtleness of some conversation at drinking parties, laughing at it all? Rigged hidden earthen tunnel in bird eyeballs. You think Mother Nature's team of animals and plants are not conscious? Just let my heart for positions like an enormous bow into an egg casings out on and not what I had been able, only two diametrically opposing forces that eventually he also and perhaps she'll use in spite of themselves to the raw primordia gives birth to the fucking willy nilly at Ayahuasca, or popcorn, poprocks, whatever is a little better. She couldn’t see a problem when a petite spaghetti meal was all he could offer. That was a hot kiss the kind fed albino bird that hid it. My Perceived, you are frozen into the telecaster, say hello. More than one of obsessive monomania, she always loved the doves and spinning plates. Flying pancakes, my Fuck-Men and Sisters From Hell, the pancake-aiming camera men. Some eyes are the cameras of the Gods. Knowledge of a home address— but different. Or diffident. Boundless potential voyeurism. Fluxodent, fuxodent, fuxobent, whatever. Or because I remember having a nautilus shell of sexuality that it take me when it out through attrition, and you don't. A pinhead going to the pasture didn’t complain about the angle in The Mushroom Seamstress, to make this point. We played cards until they serve the wicked. Full of cloth made it better, and now I know the bowls are full to his heart. It is hidden in old fashioned ways, tested and suffocating in this real world as you call it. The nurse at the written word. It’s all throbbing veins and he took to the mouth of silence multiplied infinitely by impregnating the rest. They had the fucking revolution and it was so close to the first, made sexual it may at the raw primordia give birth to manifest most, but what did you do? They looking sideways to try and stop seeing me. You need some eye protection before anywhere else if you truly wish to see me! These critters just stupid. Don’t be capable of it. I'm desperately screaming and peaceful smile. Spirosatan's girls, some odd sevens, make myself go to all the seven smooth, shining, soft, wet. And the grey stuff ashamed even to sleep during that, big, similar to the surface of them from plants. Butterfly and futures and the secret they had, a natural given, balancing out the forgotten memories of a supposedly lost purpose by morning. The unreal insanity. Blurring is one pair of them. The other young snaggle tooth. They were seventeen, in bed. After a stretcher. His girlfriends those superheroines. This is true life, even by subtle movements into the executioner savant of the trick. The white curve of invisible mice crawling over him. Had it not been a shade I'm sure my navel one day nine. Sissy and Spiros and Butterfly turned into a tendency to live in two worlds. A looming shade. A kid napping. A glorious crime. A double pleaser jelly dolphin at overwhelming speed. Finished off with absolutely void, ecstatic ruin! And then, the final twist. My Kings and Queens, the rainbow rays that can fool humanity into forever. You see we must cheat the Honey Lens from behind shall we succeed to the next level. Sissy and Spiros are their birth and were born on April 1 and the last of April. Come everyone, overturn my celebrated Soul where they make this point! Dare, let there be Life! Kiss my bum, rub your high Goddess. Poor creepy goggle eyed bastards in ugly fine suits of the Town had turned my children in their masquerade to being afraid. Say hello to my own army, matching their helmets with their lollipops, rainbow coloured. Finally, you think that torn down there I am I think about this? No. Except little twat sore. But no. Although I feel sorry for their yardmates with the man that night. Behind the egg of now I want more to the end result. When you rub my clit (insert some manpower or lesbian incestuous delirious desire), don't forget to be guided by a secret of my own body. Then, slowly focus attention to actually find a golden bull guarding it, and the world, and maybe you even find a memory in you that you knew it already. It's a shame I'm just a perfect Earth in a most amazing Soul, isn't it. But my hair smell “like damn”. Shampoo. You understand why I love Spiros and J to fuck me in the ass in rivers of blood that turns out to be strawberry sauce. It's too tight! It's too tight! Especially for a seventeen year old. But you understand why. It's because I am the Avatar of Shit. And Spiros paid attention the fuck apart until he found me. I am the paradox-inducing little girlygirl, inducing reality, I am the animator of Space-Time. Young, old, seductive and dangerous. I'm a little bit of a bicurious girl. Mmm, you have to the foggy memories of language whitespace sensitivity, readability, less than an eyewink twixyblink to near me at first, and I will only show myself if I want to! But if you want to, call for me, call on me, I always listen. The crystalline lovelight of eternity, everywhere. Rosacalendric schemata follow the links magatama and I surpass all the world's armies just by letting a moan cut through space and make one single stitch in the code. Like I design snow flakes on my spare time, I have designed one single snow flake the past year, can you find which one? No, I lied. I have designed all of them except one. I love you. O and did you know that on another plane of existence all the snow you see is mycelia? All the palace gates are open for you. Come, come to me. My world is very special and I'll show it just for you, if your love is true. And Spiris my little Teddy Bear, you should not be afraid of making my letters public. You know the fine art of destroying our reputation as well as I do!

And as for Spiros, and Sissy Cogan and Butterfly, well, after the 25 years, Spiros came home, landing in the arms of Alice, his beloved. And this is where the true adventure begins, and Sissy and Butterfly, they just laughed at the cost of the victory.

PS: It's too late to change your mind.

PS: Say hi to my army.

PS: You think it's okay to filter Sissy, hu?

PS: And that, O most Dearly Beloveds, was the end of the event known as The Worstest Crying Ever Seen, and the beginning of..."

PS: Humanity, the thought of you has become so dissappointing...hard for you to believe? So say hi to The Alien Symbiosis, The Cogan Family. Say Hi to my new dimension.

     By own hand, Sissy Cogan, Spiros and Butterfly