Khan and Keena

...and Elena and Elin

...and Kinga



"Where the bounderies of human and psilocybin mushroom are blurred, a new brighter and stronger future for humanity is at the horizon. Upgrade yourself."

~ Spiros, Sissy Cogan & Butterfly


When Spiros, Sissy Cogan and Butterfly finally had managed to transform themselves into Human-Mushroom Hybrids and they blossomed as cosmic butterflies, they shed their skin and took on a new godform. They also took on additional names, and new people began to step onto the world stage: Khan, Keena, Klayton, Elena, Elin, Emily, Kajsa, Fane Fulgan and Shane, Kinga, plus many more, for now with the transformation a success the whole Cogan Family was ready to step into the Light.

To their satisfaction, they now found themsleves waking up on the shores of their dreams, the paradise beaches of their dreamworld Plomari. The Crime had been a success, and now they played it a bit low-key and lived in hiding on Pink Gem Lagoon and they spent a few months taking a first look around at their new creation. At last they had entered their Garden of Eden.

And being now ruthlessly rich in terms of money as well, they relaxed in the Palace at Pink Gem Lagoon, laughing at the adventures that had been, and giggling with anticipation at the adventures that lay ahead.

To be continued...

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