Begin when, Humanity, understanding what my Queendom of Plomari has created!? We of Plomari shot our Love Dart on you, you weirdos, don't you get it?! And I swear on God, that had I been born a hundred years earlier or so, me and my Queendom of Plomari could have prevented the World Wars. Now, I am the psilocybin mushroom itself in high person, but I have entered this human body as Spiros to set the world free. What you are witnessing with my Queendom of Plomari is an act of my own free will, and as essential lifeform I hereby demand and steal my political independence on Earth, for me and for my people The Royal Cogan Family of Plomari. You know what I am capable of in my psychedelic Hyperspace, now watch me go in a body!

O, my Queendom of Plomari is a joke, hu? I think you'll rather find it dimensional enough to save the day!

You see, The Mushroom Seamstress, the Queen of Plomari, has hidden herself in our very thoughts, by watching how we think. And then brought us together by making the important dreamers have the same dream. Once we learn to make the same pattern she works with, she will incarnate into us and our lovers. I know for us that is already true.

I hereby steal political independence for me and my people, and rename the Earth into Plomari, the Queendom without bounderies, borders or limits.

Yes, Humanity, will you be careful now when you step in through the brilliant gates to my Queendom? My Plomari is a very special world, and I will show it just for you, if your Love is true...

And hear me, I beg to you: Break free!

You ask me where I am from. I came from the void of my endless eternal magic mushroom Soul. I have landed in the midst of human history, and from here I am directing it.

- Kisses from King Spiros of Plomari

aka The Mushroom Seamstress

aka Daddy Nabi aka King Hu,

the Lone Supreme Commander of

The Strawberry Queendom of Plomari,

the Psilocybin Mushroom Himself in High Person


King Spiros & His Little Girlygirls the Kpop Butterflies

from the Soundtrack by SISSY COGAN

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