How do I Become Part of Plomari?

How do I become a Plomarian?


I'm the easiest to talk to because I go under so many different names. Every person in every country has heard of me, and spoken to me when things are at their very worst. And I'm so easy to call upon. All you have to do is ask. No ritual to adhere to. No prayer. Just ask. Once, earnestly.

I'm ever so popular. I'm in your music, your art, your language, even in your food. I was there, guiding the hand of Shakespeare and King Spiros as they wrote. You've seen me, time and again, now an old man, then a little girl. You ordered pink champagne from me the other day, actually. Hell, if you wanna be really personal, some of you make love to me on a regular basis. You're not bad, either. I love you eternally. I am sister to some of you, father to others, and I'm proud of the way you turned out. But here's the pitch. I am powerful, you are not; without me. I have legions, you are alone. I can make you mine for all eternity, if you like. And it's so easy you could almost do it by mistake. All you have to do is ask. Not even in words. Just... want it. Want me. Want to join me. And also love yourself, that is one of the keys of being a Plomarian. I'll make it easy for you and break the ice myself: Will you marry me, my dearest? Marry me and become a King and Queen of my Kingdom of Plomari together wth me. Together we are the Masters of the world, and everyone works in symbiosis with me. Welcome to The Chymical Wedding of the Queendom of Plomari... Amor vincit omnia, Love Conquers All. You are a god, not a human being, my dear. Mushroom. Ayahuasca. Yes and the rest of Humanity who dare not marry me, they're crawling on all fours out of my Plomari Palace as if a meteorite just struck nearby... But not you, my dear, you stay here with me forever. And so let our Royal Wedding begin! O, my plan would be finished, if...?! Hahahahaha! Welcome home to the House of Cogan, the Queendom of Plomari! Our masterpiece is beyond impossible, and achieved! My Plomari is bigger than countries, bigger than the System, my Plomari is bigger than anything ever before. Me and my Plomari is the silent member of every brother and sisterhood on Earth. Welcome home, dear. To join me is to have a superweapon and together we will take over the Earth. Smile secretly next time you meet someone, knowing you are a King and Queen of Plomari together with me, a God and a Goddess, but understand that most of the people you meet are mine already anyway, hihihi. And be sure to invite people you meet, give them the ArtSetFree.com address and give them the Gift of the Gods! Yeah so why you trying to play games with me, Humanity? You should know by now that I always win and that my victory is already eternal. Känn efter och se själva, feel for yourself everyone, we are done and only done, we are done hating so just go go go! Yes and what you gonna do when I hit you with my shroom, my magic psilocybin mushroom, and my sacred Ayahuasca?

Here in Plomari we are all Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses, blossoming both on our own and together as the Royal Cogan Family of Plomari! And we all weave Plomari into our Life and our Art!

I am the paradox-inducing little girlygirl and mushroom boy, inducing reality, I am the animator of Space-Time. Young, old, seductive, and dangerous. Together you and me can help our entire planet Earth! Just say it out loud, "Yes, I can help my entire planet Earth!" This is unfinished business, Humanity! So enough with my warning, humans, it is time to face me, The Mushroom Seamstress, the Mosthighest Queen and King of Plomari.

We the Royal Cogan Family of Plomari live our lives without compromise. We live our lives knowing that nothing is beyond us. Nothing is beyond us. Many people only fantasise, we do. We are driven, unflinching, calculating machines. We are the Gods and Goddesses of Plomari, and we always win.

So what are you waiting for, my Dear, say hi to yourself as a God, and weave Plomari into your Life and your Art!

~ Kisses from Queen Cecilia "Sissy" Cogan,

King Spiros aka King Hu aka Daddy Nabi

aka Teddy and the Butterflies of Plomari,

the magic psilocybin mushroom Himself and Herself in High person,

manifesting in our most brilliant way