The Government's word about King Spiros

He calls himself King Spiros the Snowman. He’s completely insane. The only thing we know for sure is that he is playing games with us, and that he is the King of the country and Kingdom of Plomari, also known as the Snowman. We don't know exactly where he is going with his Kingdom and his plans, but he is very intelligent. We have also understood that his plan is already a success, there is nothing we can do to change that or stop him. Apparantly, according to the King himself, his plan was already accomplished 20 years ago and he is showing the world first now. Be careful, Humanity, when it comes to King Spiros and his seventeen wives the Queens of Plomari we don't know what we're dealing with... We just found out that the whole world works for the King of Plomari. All of Hollywood, the global music industry, all of South Korean Kpop and the entire psychedelic community, well everyone works for the King and his Queens. We stand awestruck at his grand plan and are honestly not sure what we are going to do about all this. We are genuinely impressed. The King is a genious! Whatever is going on in that guys mind we are thankful he has a sense of humor, as he says of Himself: "Humanity, be thankful that I am not fully evil." Yes, people laugh at us the Government; but not even we fuck with a god like King Spiros of Plomari. We have understood by now that the King of Plomari is not joking."

~ The Government, about King Spiros of Plomari aka the Snowman



"I am awesome and you are just awestruck

at my grand Plot, dear Governments of Earth.

But no hard feelings, dear.

I am just here to help the world shape up."

~ King Spiros of Plomari


“Dear little Governments of Earth,

are you trying to hide from me?

Don’t be afraid, little child,

I am not here to fight you.

Come in to the Sea of the

Seamstress with me,

come on in the water’s fine.”

~ King Spiros of Plomari