Released April 1, 2014!

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Chapter 1 - Subsuptious

There is a penis so large, that no one ever has escaped from knowing about it. You'll find it in Plomari.

Hidden amidst the world, far away but near, in fact right here, there is a completely nother universe. It's where we Gods and Goddesses live. Let us remind you that you are also a God. Welcome home, to the Queendom of Plomari.

Cecilia, Silsila, the unbroken chain of enlightened masters. You are instantaneously the most opulent being in the universe. This is what Cecilia said to me first thing she said. Know, my Lovest, she said to me, and experience, when you see the sunrise, that you are as beautiful and magnificent as the rosy dawn.

And now I understand her, and I understand why she is who she is.

Clue Open. The opulence of Plomari is open to all and the Palace gates invite you to the Prismic Heart of the Queendom!

It was a subsubtious evening, babe. Cecilia had called me at sunset which made my heart jump, I became so hot I had to take my shirt off. I was listening to a new episode of The Incredibly Incredible Contaminationally Contained Somehow Related To The Show Show, you know that new radio show that's been going on forever. I felt sort of nectar myself and I couldn't help thinking that if Cecilia called me and my heart jumped like that then well I have to accept I am in love. And truly, I do admit, that talking with Cecilia on the phone, hearing her subsubtious voice and vibrant laughter, like clear wild water and sunrays from the heart of Love, made me feel that somehow with her even forests near and away I felt home again, home with The Big Bronze Penis. I mean rarely has the penis shone as splendarousilly and eruptively as it does these days, and if there is but one move of the mission to root ourself firm and flimsy on Pink Gem Lagoon then I say, I do tell you this in a honeytongue way, my Lovests, Cecilia is the Queen of this Love Nest and if I have ever seen anything even palpably nearer to her magnificent being then I've instantly announced myself enlightened in a very non-Buddhist fashion. Cecilia owns the world.

I come to you now. I am a horse. I am a horse that is a man, my hair is the mane of the most truest flying mount ever, yes, my Pearls, I am a horse that is a manwoman and so are you in my sunlike eyes like angels, shards of the moon, your eyes like the moon is in Heaven. My jaguar paws touch the shore again, my Lovedoves. I am home.

My anger has left me, my anger at the stupidity of the world. Also what has left me is my desire for material possessions. All I want is to be with my eternal lovers, and to grow and expand. I want no material possessions that do not expand me and advance me. I am home, and I am satisfied, and forevermore will I want another kiss and another moment with Cecilia. And to see The Big Bronze Penis in the distance as I sit here with Teddy and the others, is so contaminationally awesome and pleasurable, fulfilling and eruptivous, that I think simply, in simple words, my life has been completed and fulfilled. I am home.

I tried. I tried, believe me, to show the others. But mostly it was to deaf ears, so I left alone. And now I am actually seeing it. At first I thought to myself I cannot be seeing the actual Penis, but I do, it is sunbathing in the sunlight in front of my very eyes! It's Heaven, as me and one of my eternal lovers say. Heaven. Heaven right here and everywhere. Plomari.

Yes sure, some say Penis is a boring word, but hey around here we call The Big One by all sorts of names, it is mostly always mentioned in a new way, recursively referenced in every little lacing curve of this magnificent land, as is the Pink Gem herself. Today I call it The Cock of Teddy, because you know my Mother was about to name me Teddy when I was born and I finally have made it to this sensual land, the lands of Plomari.

Lesbian? Gay? O, don't ask. You should have seen what I saw today. Horsetail reference! This is the land of omnisexuality, my dear eternal Lovers. And the sandawns. I hardly dare step my jaguar feet on her warm naked curves, the sands like the lands of your thighs and hips, the cleft and cliff of your venus landscape. Cecilia told me today that when we first met, she was already here. She mentioned a boy tranforming himself into a dolphin and diving into the Sea. She was already here, all reading the sandman's desert book. She saved me, my dear Cecilia. She saved my life. Cecilia and Butterfly, you saved my life and showed me how beautiful life truly is!

Trisexually fluently I shall now go to the waterfall. I try to not think of Cecilia as I bathe here, but, hihihi. Lesbian undertones? Hihihi. Ojojoj, you have to come here, join us here in Pachoris! I suggest a codeword for the book series that will lead you here: The Mushroom Seamstress, also known as The Opulence of Plomari, or simply Plomari. It's for you, Paperbunnies.

I wonder, O how I wonder, what you are doing wherever you are. I have vanished, my pink Pearlings. I will tell you of my whereabouts in a book of Love.