Victory End Speech -

The Eternal Victory of the Queendom of Plomari

"What "they" did not understand is that the enemy -

we of the Strawberry Queendom of Plomari - is infinite and everywhere.

The modern world is not accustomed to thinking in such terms.

Our Queendom is bigger than countries, bigger than the system,

we are bigger than anything ever before.

Secretly I think they all knew that it's a very bad idea to play games

and war with The Royal Cogan Family of Plomari.

The victory of our country and queendom of Plomari is eternal and has already been achieved,

and it will be reiterated and re-emphasised in a huanting way,

it will be made clear for all on planet Earth forever on."

~ King Spiros Cogan of Plomari also known as Daddy


Humanity, is that enough for you, asshole?

I played the war game of all these idiot old men. But I am actually both a man and a woman. I am the Queen and King of Plomari, and I designed the Universe and founded the Kingdom of Plomari. Now you know all my secrets. You hold all the pieces of my Heart, never let it fall apart! I am King Spiros Cogan of Plomari, also known as Butterfly.

Yes so now that the war is over we can go back to the fun, go back to our Royal Wedding. I would like some grapes, a glass of cognac and a waffle to begin with. Welcome back to the world of the Living, my friend, you have slept for quite some time! Yes I notice, Humanity, Governments and Countries of Earth, you can't accept that the game and war is over already and our Queendom of Plomari is the victorious one. Enemies trying to read us and our moves, you are highly illiterate, and it makes you so mad that someone like me can be stepping in front of you and take over, that I have gathered all of Humanity under my mushroom umbrella. Goal, WISSSSSSSH! And the winner is: The Royal Cogan Family of Plomari! Humanity, come on now, I am the psilocybin mushroom itself in High person, and I shot my Love Dart on you, you weirdos! Don't you get it?! And it goes a little something like this... Shit, Kungen, King Marsipan of Plomari... shit is all I have to say... Watch in awe as every superstar on Earth speaks for me and our Kingdom.

Aoooooaaaaa bring me to King Spiros land, for his circle is big,

and you will say "fan va svampat....", "fuck that's shroomy..."

Yes, Humanity... I sense the beginning of a feeling that you would like me. You see, I am under the impression that there was something even more subtle to all this... some kind of pleromic, perfected insight about my Kingdom that I hold secret in my Heart... and that I am willing to share
with you and show you...


and to my Plomari Labyrinth of Cnossos, the Royal Palace!

High, Humanity. What's your name? I am three hundred trillion years old, so old I have stopped counting my age long ago, I live in a timeless eternity called Plomari. I am the paradox-inducing little girlygirl, sister Sissy Cogan, inducing reality, I am the animator of Space-Time. Young, old, seductive and dangerous. I am Queen Cecilia Cogan of Plomari, but you can call me Sissy or Sister Sissy, or maybe Big Sister... or your Little Sister... call me by names I love that! O, how do I do it? It's gotta be magic and spooks! I’m a very bad girl, Humanity. And... You will find I am the Alien you have been waiting for. I just don’t know if you can handle me. And I kinda like that. I am afraid I will scare you... And that turns me on. And I don't like your style. You need to change your ways. Make me want you. I am an Alien, an alien Queen of such immense power that you... you will start to wonder what is going on.

Change your ways, Humanity. Make me love you, make me want you.

It's not too late. I designed the universe and it's mine,

but I am a very forgiving Queen. Change your ways, Humanity,

make me want you, you still have time.

Kisses from King Spiros the Pink Rose of the Cosmos and

his wives the Queens of Plomari

You see, dear, if I show my Queendom of Plomari to you in its full splendor for five minutes your life will never be the same again. The universe is my Kingdom, my playground, where me and my husbands and wives play forever like the little hot sexy dolls we are! My Love, babe, you see I wove the Universe into existence so we can have fun and make love forever! I am the psilocybin mushroom itself in High person and the Universe is a mushroom in full bloom! I have been waiting my whole life to show you this! I know you can hear me whispering to you, and know that I can hear you too! Our Hearts and Souls are forever intertwined! I know you know who I am! I am that sneaky little girl and boy who just couldn't keep our hands out of the cookie jar, King Spiros and Queen Sissy Cogan!

Stop what you are doing, dear Humanity, and listen to me, and I will restore the glories of this world! I will make you masters of the Universe! Here's something totally new for you: The Strawberry Queendom of Plomari!

You see, my eternal Love, The Mushroom Seamstress, the Queen of Plomari, has hidden herself in our very thoughts, by watching how we think. And then brought us together by making the important dreamers have the same dream. Once we learn to make the same pattern she works with, she will incarnate into us and our lovers. I know for us that is already true.

Humanity, vi av vårt land Plomari frågar er,

We of our country The Strawberry Queendom of Plomari ask you,

when you built the human world, hur har ni fan tänkt, how the fuck were you thinking?

Jag e shit arg nu, I am really pissed off now!


Yeah? Så nog med våran varning, enough with our warning, this is an official alien takeover,

och ni kanske kunde tänka nu,

Humanity, maybe you could think before you act this time, because if you think

our country is a joke you will be mighty surprised.

You better run Devil run, because our country got the whole planet with us!

What, gonna try and stop us as well? Bitch, too late.


I am the psilocybin mushroom itself in high person, the species Psilocybe cubensis etc,

and this planet Earth is my planetary mushroom cultivation.

You can call me the King of Honey (Or Konung av Honung in Plomarian language),

King Spiros of Plomari. According to Plomarian legend, it was me and my wives the Queens who

designed the Universe so we can live forever together.

What holds our country Plomari together, what holds us the Royal Cogan Famiily of Plomari

together, is not our country borders, but our mushroom, our Love, and our forever making our

decisions based on Love instead of hate and fear. This is why we are so much bigger than any country

or government on Earth.

Yes, try to erase our Queendom of Plomari, bitch. Humanity, game's off, homie,

there is absolutely no way to stop what we The Royal Cogan Family have set in motion.

The White & Black Birds of Plomari have been unleashed onto planet Earth.

Yes Humanity so why you trying to play games with me, jag ba shit,

as if it's even possible to stop what we have started... Stop breaking our hearts

and join the Royal Cogan Family instead, we are the illest collaboration of souls

in human history, we are bigger than countries, bigger than the system,

we are bigger than anything ever before!

We together weave the Queendom of Plomari so tight that

it's the silk that creates and animates the Universe. We the Royal Cogan Family

of Plomari is an unbroken chain of people through time and all across the world,

so next time you consider fucking with us, remember we are

millions and millions of people working together. All this is explained in

CHAPTER ONE, and in the loveletters available for download here on ArtSetFree.com.

Ultimate advice, Humanity: Don't play games with the Cogans.

We suggest a glass of Cognac to calm your nerves as you continue deeper into Plomari,

things are going to get intence. What do we want from you as visitor here on our website?

We want you to marvel at our creations, and join us in the fun and become

a King and Queen of Plomari with the rest of us! It's up to you, but A and O

to understand is that you either work with me in symbiosis or for me

as my slave. Those are your only two options, I own the Universe and Earth.

The World is mine. Dream on, Humanity, that you have any chance

against me and my Family, and I'm soakin my net babe so watch out.

Check mate, Humanity. And look babes, it's simple, I can't do everything in our Kingdom,

in fact I am the King of Plomari and I will just sit naked and sip honey mushroom wine

with my crown on my head, and watch as you do things for me, us and the Kingdom.

I am the Queen Bee, sister Sissy and brother Spiros, King and Queen twin combi

of the Plomari Hivemind. Besides, you are so much more skilled than me at doing things,

I am a bit retarded and very childish and you can handle things better than me so this is a great setup.

By the way... I am so so proud of You! You may kiss sister Sissy's bum now as reward!

And babes, my dearest Queens of Plomari, my dear wives, my eternal loves of all Eternity,

if you ever want to thank me, just taste yourself in bed for me, okay, and think of me.

Your bum, babe. You know I love it so damn much. Don't be shy, my dear wives.

Taste yourself for me.

With handen babe, Anden handen, your hand I kiss and ask you again as I did so long ago,

as I know you love when we play repeat: Will you marry me, my Queens?

Be my wives, my Queens, be mine forever and let's live

in our Plomari Paradise for all Eternity, and never ever die.

This time it's our turn; the Universe is ours!

Kisses, my little girls, from your Daddy.

"Spiros" means "basket" in Greek. Slam dunk, Humanity. Laughing at me is like laughing at the Universe itself and calling the Earth ugly and stupid. Yes, sisi, si si comprende? And you governments and countries on my Earth, you hate it so much that someone like me can come and step in front of you, you hate the fact that I have gathered all of Humanity under my mushroom umbrella. Good luck, Humanity, and SAY HIGH. How long time you got to get my hint? How about directly. Kisses from the Queen of Plomari, also known as The Girl Who Wanted To Play.


PS: Humanity, as you become accustomed to me you will find

that I am the Alien you all have been waiting for.

And sorry I took so long. So many mushrooms,

I had to balance them out.



~ Kisses from Anden av Plomari (The Spirit of Plomari),

The Lone Supreme Commander King Spiros Cogan of The Cogan Dynasty,

aka King Ludviq aka Ludde Lump,

the director of Human History and Life on Planet Earth

and of the entire Plomari Starswarm, Assex Gel Stratos 2.1,

the King's starswarm of planetary psilocybin

mushroom cultivations


And I swear on God, that had I been born fifty or a hundred years

earlier or so, me and my Queendom of Plomari

could have prevented the World Wars.

Now, I am the psilocybin mushroom itself

in high person, but I have entered this human

body to set the world free.

What you are witnessing is an act of

my own free will, and as essential lifeform

I hereby demand and steal my political independence,

for me and for my people The Royal Cogan Family of Plomari.

You know what I am capable of in my psychedelic Hyperspace

Plomari, now watch me go in a body!

- King Spiros of Plomari

aka The Mushroom Seamstress

aka Daddy